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Frien10 App Helps You Find Friendly Strangers Near You!

Egypt-born, UN-awarded Mobile App Frien10 helps you find people interested in activities you are interested in near your area. Whether it’s a movie night or a football game, Frien10 App helps you find the crowd while making new friends near you

Have you ever walked in the streets of Zamalek and got the idea of gathering your friends and visiting the many cute little art galleries of the area but quickly remembered that your friends were lame losers who didn’t want to do anything but play videogames and order pizza? Well, don’t worry; you won’t have to permanently ditch all of your friends just yet.

Frien10, a mobile app incubated at the American University’s Venture lab (no wonder), is your best bet. The app will definitely help you in gathering friendly strangers near your area interested in such activities. Ironically, the mobile app seeks to bring together people face-to-face for some real life interaction mostly lacking nowadays. Impressively, the app, developed by Egyptian Ahmed Maher (co-founder and CEO of the app) landed first place in Egypt Social Entrepreneurship Competition of the United Nations Development Programme.  

On their Facebook page, Frien10 say that they aim to “focus on bringing people together; to discuss, design and build through face-to-face social interaction.” Frien10 also aims at engaging family and friends by using technology to reintegrate people into the real world once again. The app also makes it easier to make new friends of similar interests.

So, what’s cooler than using social networking, a now vital aspect of our day to day life to enjoy interesting outings that go beyond shisha with the regular shella while making a bunch of interesting friends already excited about whatever you’re excited about?!

Next time you’re feeling adventurous and feel like breaking out of your (or your friends’) boring old routine, just download the app and discover all the awesome things you can do here!

For more information about Friend10 App, you can visit their Facebook page.