Saturday May 25th, 2024
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10 Healthiest Eats in Cairo

Is Egypt's obsession with sugar and grease turning you into an obese, unhealthy zombie? Put an end to it...

Staff Writer

10 Healthiest Eats in Cairo

Vegan Kitchen (Maadi)

Pizza, burgers, pasta and brownies are things most people paying attention to what goes in their tummy are missing in their diets. Vegans can enjoy these things in a restaurant in Maadi without fearing animal products to be involved in preparation, as well as seriously cutting back on fat content. Their special perk is the Koshary Roll which combines the popular Egyptian street food with a funner dining experience.

Lujo's Fresh Junk (Zamalek)

What to expect from a place that promises Fresh Junk? That's right, it's your healthy answer to fast food. On Lujo's menu you will find pizzas, salads and wraps that look delicious enough to clog your arteries slowly but surely, however, the fresh produce and light ingredients will make sure you keep your figure and health on point.

InSeason (Zamalek)

True to its name, InSeason is relying on fresh, seasonal produce to make juices, yogurts, baked potatos and wraps. Additionally, InSeason came up with the concept of BYOS (Build your own salad) in which you may choose your greens, toppings and dressings. Juices such as the Fountain of Youth and Skin A'Glowing stay true to their names by using a selection of fresh foods and vegetables to squeeze the goodness out of them.

Juice Shops

One of the best things about Egypt is a juice shop at every corner. Despite the Egyptian habit of putting half a dozen spoons of sugar in every drinkable substance, most juice shops are able to squeeze on demand. If you request for your squeezer of choice to be easy on the sugar, these juices end up being quite good for you. In the end, fruit has enough sugar on its own to fulfill your sweet tooth.

Good Cals (Zamalek, Tagammoa)

With salt, added sugar and hidden fats everywhere, Good Cals' selection of fresh salads, pastas and sandwiches don't just taste good, they're also good for you. And because it's called Good Cals, the calorie count of each dish is available on the menu, making it easy for you to calculate your daily calorie intake.


An easy way to stay healthy when craving some sweets is to consult a local nuts dealer. The small shops around the corner featuring a selection of seeds and nuts for a healthy alternative to your next chocolate bar.  For your extra health boost consult Fit Nuts, an online nut shop that brings you the sweet sin that is actually good for you. Find more information here.

Saladero (Zamalek)

Saladero's name derives from the ability for this restaurant to shake up your salad needs. Here you can choose every single ingredient of your salad, add as many as you want and have it served in a bowl or in a wrap. One day one may stay basic with a Ceasar's salad, another (guilt-free) day one can go overboard on the croutons.

Lettuceat (Zamalek)

Lettuceat thought of everything when it comes to your health: wraps, soups, salads and even desserts are featured in their menu to compliment your diet. The selection of unique salads is simply out of this world, and as a special treat to all health-conscious gourmands out there, Lettuceat brings healthy nut butters to the masses such as peanut, hazelnut and almond butter as well as natural Nutella. YUMM!

Diet House (Heliopolis)

In giving nutrition information about the dishes, Diet House goes one step further: calories, protein and carbohydrate information is stated for each item. The selection of food convinces with burgers, pizza and sandwiches, all ranging around 300 calories, 35g of protein and 35g of carbs. Take your diet to Diet House and try the Detox Pizza or a guilt-free Chocolate Blueberry Mouse.

Sattva Steps (Zamalek)

Unlike the first perception people may have of Sattva Steps of being a work-out space, it is actually a healthy eatery that should be considered a lifestyle rather than a restaurant. All dishes come with nutrition information as well as a full guide on how many steps of what activity you will need to burn them off. One Grilled Chicken Wrap, for example, will burden your diet by 360 calories which will take 19000 steps to burn off. Salads, sandwiches and soups are, of course, also available. 

Oh yeah, and going to the gym occasionally will probably not hurt either!

All photographs courtesy of the restaurants' respective Facebook pages.