Friday April 12th, 2024
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18 Coolest Customised Cakes

What would you say to a cake that's an exact replica of a Jack Daniel's whiskey bottle? Or that looks like a shisha? Or a whole smorgasbord of objects and things? Well, Lilly's Cupcakes has such things, and so much more…

Staff Writer

18 Coolest Customised Cakes

Now we wouldn’t call ourselves fat kids at heart or wait hang on, we totally would. We're not exactly skinny kids now. We've got a healthy kersh going, largely due to our undying love of all things that contain enough sugar to kill a small puppy. So obviously, when we found Lilly's Cupcakes, we were like WHAAAT, there are cupcakes in this city that we have yet to try? How can this be? But upon further investigation we discovered that cupcakes barely scratch the surface of this marvelous brand!

Lilly's Cupcakes has cupcakes yes, but their real talent lies in making incredible, customised cakes. We're talking a Grey Goose vodka cake. Take a second to read that sentence again. So much better than that La Poire half mango, half chocolate cake your grandma got for your birthday last year. (That was crap, grandma, by the way.)

The store was launched three years ago by Hind Megahed, after obsessing over a cupcake bakery in Saudi Arabia. "I told myself, I have to start something like this in Cairo," she tells us. After trying out different recipes and testing them out on her and her husband's friends, she perfected the whole cupcake aspect and created the brand. Then she moved on to cake art. "I was always playing with clay and sculpting stuff," Megahed explains, so she just transferred that talent into the baking world, creating amazing, incredibly sculpted cakes, one of which can take up to 12 hours to make!

Anyway, without further ado, we present to you 18 cakes from Lilly's Cupcakes that are just awesome.

1. It probably tastes better than the real deal. Also, after eating it, you will not experience consequent diarrhea.

2. It combines cake and Grey Goose. That is all. You will never find anything better in this world. 

3. If you're more of a whiskey person.


4. If you don’t discriminate between alcohol and love all liquors equally.

5. Because Minions.

6. For the pretentious Gucci Corner girl.

7. For her pretentious male counterpart. Akid Rolex.

8. Hardcore, yo.

9. Like…it's a burger cake. Need we say more?

10. Everyone's got that comic book nerd friend.


12. Because Alice in Wonderland is like an acid trip for five year olds.

13. It's like candyland in cake form. Pure beauty.

14. We are after all, a shisha-loving nation.

15. WE FOUND NEMO! And then we ate him.

16. A bride-to-be gift that looks awesome and you get to participate in consuming it.


18. Oh wine, you beautiful thing, you.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @lillyscupcakes