Sunday December 10th, 2023
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3ash: The New Egypt-Customised Fitness App

Because mobile phones are now more important than our own health, the 3ash app is here to merge the two.

Staff Writer

So, you've wanted to get fit for a while, right? You go on YouTube and search 'weight journey losses' and 'how I got my summer body', then you get inspired, so you probably check calorie counting websites and cringe at how much you're consuming, then you remember that gym you pass by everyday on your way home, and then you go to sleep with your palm in the air, swearing an oath to your health, and making a pledge to your body, "I pledge to get fit, eat well, and avoid delivery food, and to start slow at the gym then pick up my pace – oh, and I also pledge to look hot in a month."

What happens though, is that this plan dies as quickly as the weight you keep putting on; you wake up, have extra sugar in your tea, order grease balls with your friends at work, and then maybe stop by a pastry shop for something sweet. You go home, avoid looking at that gym, and make that same plan again. No. Seriously, stop. You need help. And it's right in the palm of your hands – literally. It's the 3ash app, thanks to Ahmed Elhadary, that will provide you with every little thing you can possibly need to start your fitness plan – a logical, healthy, and motivating plan, not a 'how to lose 50 pounds in one week' starvation plan.But why 3ash? We are aware of the abundance of fitness applications in mobile app stores, and we are well aware that some of them can be useful. 3ash, however, is totally and fully customised to the Egyptian individual. While some maps on applications do display gyms nearby, we can't trust if these applications know which gyms are still open and haven't closed down, or have updated information on them – and that's the reason 3ash came into the digital world. "We were confused about which facilities to use, so we decided to gather information about all facilities and make it into an app to make people's fitness journey easier. We started with Cairo, and we're hoping to expand to Alexandria and other cities, and maybe one day, it will be outside of Egypt," founder Ahmed Elhadary tells us. More than that, we can't trust that FitnessPal or CalorieCount is taking sawabe3 zeinab or basboosa into consideration – 3ash will be including those calorie counts soon with the help of nutritionists they have on board.We all know fitness is a hard road to follow through, from the motivation, to the planning, to the crashes, to the falls, to the ups, to your goal; however, wouldn't it be significantly easier if you had assistance in some of the most difficult aspects of this plan? You check the nearest gym, supplement stores, healthy food stores, all complete with exact locations, membership prices, classes, and products. We know, we know, not everyone can afford a gym membership – but we won't take that as an excuse! 3ash will offer you all sorts of different exercises that allow you to workout no matter where you are, as well as connecting you with the latest health trends through different magazines and articles.

"It's about making it easier for people when they're considering getting fit. It's not just gyms; you can look up yoga, martial arts, dance and zumba classes, and everything that one feels comfortable in pursuing fitness," Elhadary concludes. 3ash ya 3ash! Thank God Konafa Nutella season is over. Now, as we're writing this, we're downloading the app, some of us determined to fit in that dress.

Find all about it and how you can download the app on their website, and Facebook.