Friday 9 of December, 2022
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9 Awesome New-Age Ramadan Desserts

Much as we love traditional Ramadan desserts, after a week of gorging ourselves on konafa it starts getting old and our cravings for other desserts start kicking in. Thankfully, some of the tastiest confectioners in town have come to the rescue.

Staff Writer

So we all know that every Ramadan, it seems like for an entire month our dessert options revolve purely around konafa/basbousba/atayef/other variations of sharbat-soaked oriental sweets.  These are the only edible items available to your sweet tooth and the only edible items that will ever be available during Ramadan, and should you consider asking if there happens to be any chocolate or y'know, cake available, you will be met with strange stares and a response of "there's konafa" as though it is unfathomable that you would consider eating a non-Ramadan related sweet. Blasphemy!

Now we love sawabe3 Zeinab as much as the next person. But whatever happened to good old fashioned chocolate cake, or cheesecake? Why have these been shunned from our holy month? They are equally holy, in their own way. Seems some people had the same thoughts as us. We'll tell you what happened to these desserts.

They were, after many years of banishment, finally allowed a foot in the door, when creative culinary whizzes around town decided to create a best-of-both-worlds scenario and amalgamate our classic Ramadan sweets with other desserts that make us drool in general, and create a new generation of desserts – superdesserts if you will. These New Age desserts essentially mean you can have your cake and eat it too. Several years ago, we all became familiar with konafa with mango. But now, it's a whole new ball game. Here are the top 7 New-Age Ramadan desserts. Happy fasting.

Atayef with Nutella from The Batter Half & Co. 

The deliciousness level of any dessert can only be enhanced when Nutella is incorporated in the situation. This is a fact.  


Red Velvet Basbousa from Nola's

Red velvet anything is good in our book. 


Om Ali with Crème Brûlée & Meringue from Tortina 

What is this sorcercy? 


Blueberry Konafa from Pavlova

We want to take you on a halal date.  


Vanilla Konafa Cupcakes from Dina Cantina 

For when you're feeling like a 'light' dessert. 


3asaleya Cupcake from Crumbs 

So, is the inside composed of smushed 3asaleya? What exactly is the deal?  


Ramabomb from Devour Cupcakes

 Possibly the MOTHER OF ALL SUPERSWEETS. It's got konafa, brownies, Mars, and melted Cadbury bars. It is a heart attack in a bowl. A heart attack we would willingly suffer.   


Red Velvet Konafa Cups from Cherry on Top.

There can be no greater food combination than the wonder that is konafa and the even greater wonder that is red velvet anything. 

Nutella & Konafa Sweet Potato from Simply Foods. 

Hello gorgeous. How could we possibly improve upon you?


Main image is Marshmallow Konafa from Nola.