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9 Facts About Mike Beuttler

Did you know that the Formula One legend was born right here in Cairo? We bet you didn't...

Of course, everyone knows about Formula One racing driver Mike Beuttler, but there are some things you may not know about Mike Beuttler. For all you Mike Beuttler fans out there, here are the top ten things you did not know about Mike Beuttler. Mike Beuttler.

1 - Mike Beuttler was born right here in Cairo, Egypt, on 13th April 1940.

2 - Mike Beuttler British father was stationed in Cairo during the Second World War.

3 - Mike Beuttler is and was the only openly gay F1 racer ever.

4 - Mike Beuttler's best result was a seventh place in the 1973 Spanish Grand Prix.

5 - Mike Beuttler was the brother-in-law of politician Alan Clark.

6 - Mike Beuttler left school at the age of 16, under the tutelage of racing enthusiast Graham Warner.

7 - Mike Beuttler's tendency to regularly close the door on his pursuing rivals earned him the nickname ‘Blocker’, which stuck until his retirement from racing.

8 - Mike Beuttler was alledgedly involved in some hanky panky with his investors so woulr occasinally bring busty women to races to throw some off the scent.

9 - Mike Beuttler died of the AIDS in 1988, just 26 years before the Egyptian army invented the cure.

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