Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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9 Unique Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Cairo

From playing with puppies to playing laser tag, here are 9 different ways your Valentine's Day can be cliche-free...

Staff Writer

Shopping for teddy bears and dressing like a tomato does not mean your Valentine's Day was well spent. Drop that heart-shaped box of chocolates that just remind your girlfriend that you put zero thought into into the day and cancel the plans you made on Corniche El Nil; your lover surely deserves more than termes on the most romantic night of the year. Don't worry, here are 9 other unique alternatives...

Objects in the Mirror Exhibition @ Soma Art Gallery
Objects in the Mirror Exhibition at Soma Art Gallery

With extraordinary art by prodigy of the Egyptian street art movement Aya Tarek put up against the walls of the gallery, you have the perfect opportunity to pretend you're super deep and understand the arts weh keda. Your date will be super impressed by how cultured you are and you can say pretentious things about brush strokes and the meaning of life, and she'll just think you're really smart and artsy. Unless you actually do get the art, in which case, ball's in your court. Or she gets it. Then you're screwed. 

Contact details: 0122-2429292
Time: 7 PM – 10 PM
Location: 14 Maraashli Street, Zamalek


Country Breakfast @ Roy's Kitchen in Cairo Marriott HotelCountry Breakfast at Roy's Kitchen in Cairo Marriott Hotel

How about you ditch work and take out your Valentine for an epic American-style breakfast? Blueberry pancakes and crunchy bacon FTW.

Contact details: 02-27283000
Time: 7 AM - 11 AM
Location: 16 Saray El Gezira Street, Zamalek


Lock Your Love Up @ Escape Room
Lock Your Love Up at Escape Room

Test your love and ability to sort out problems together. Or just kill each other because clearly your relationship was built upon lies.

Choose your pick from 6 of the coolest escape rooms in Egypt here.


Puppy Love @ ESMA Shelter
Puppy Love at ESMA Shelter

Go spend the day playing with dogs at ESMA animal shelter. Major cuteness levels. Major brownie points for you being the provider of aforementioned cuteness levels. You'll probably get lucky. 

Contact details: 0122 218 8823
Location: Al Mansoureya Rd, Nazlet Al Ashtar, Giza, Giza Governorate


Pranic Crystal Healing @ Osana Family Wellness 
Pranic Crystal Healing at Osana Family Wellness

When all else fails, maybe using the magical forces of crystal and precious stones to mend your relationship back into shape will work. It’s also a much cheaper alternative to couples therapy. 

Contact details: 0101 773 3770
Location: 4, El Nady St., Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Price: 350 LE



Laser Tag @ The Battlefield
Laser Tag at The Battlefield

He keeps leaving the toilet seat up? She keeps asking you why you leave the toilet seat up? You secretly wish you could just pour some rat poison into his cereal but you'd go to jail for that? Go play laser tag and shoot the shit out of each other. It's only like, one third serious. Whoever loses gets to pay for the first round of drinks afterwards.

Contact details: 0121 079 7979
Location: Concord Mall, Road 90, Kattameya, Cairo, Egypt


Dinner @ JW's Steakhouse
Dinner at JW's Steakhouse

This one's a classic but it just never gets old. Steak is everything. Unless she's a vegan and starts crying when they bring the meat out. Taking your date out for a romantic dinner at the best steakhouse in Egypt can sound quite expensive, but we reckon it's time for a splurge. 

Contact details: 02-24115588
Time: 6 PM - 12 AM
Location: Ring Road, Mirage City, El Katameya


Netflix and ChillNetflix and Chill

What's wrong with Netflix and chill? You can always just stay at home and order a pizza with your partner. Or alone. That's totally fine too. Here are 5 Netflix shows you can marathon through...


Girl's Night Out @ Gravity Code
Girl's Night Out at Gravity Code

Instead of crying at home over 12 tubs of ice cream counting the eggs you have left, go out with your girlfriends and have fun bouncing around on trampolines without the fear of looking like a total Derpina! But also get drunk beforehand...

Contact details: 0106 611 6733
Time: 5 PM – 7 PM
Location: 3 Skies Plaza, El Tes’een street, Fifth Settlement (behind Americana Plaza)