Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Change The Way You See Whiskey With Chivas 12

Updating its packaging with both modern and historical elements, Chivas 12 reaffirms its place as the best entry-point to the world of whiskey.

Staff Writer

Consider this: how many things, besides a fine whiskey, are still relevant and engaging when they are 12 years old? With only the greatest of exceptions, films that have reached such an age have either just begun their cult-flick-phoenix cycle or faded evermore into obscurity. Case in point: when’s the last time you, or anyone you know watched The Ring or the first Spider-man movie? Likewise for musical and fashion trends; 12 years marks the point where particular styles have run their course but do not have the nostalgia value to warrant a ‘retro’ revival. No one is digging through record crates looking for the first Nickelback album to stuff into their cargo short pockets.

Chivas Regal 12 is the only 12-year-old that remains relevant. Nevertheless, even something with the prestigious heritage of Chivas may need to update its image as time goes on. Kind of like how classic movies, such as Gone With The Wind or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and albums, like Bowie’s Station To Station, or the soundtrack to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, are rereleased with new cover art. Though the packaging may have changed, the contents contained therein still retain the same superlative quality as ever.

Serving as an entry point for many to the chivalrous excellence of the Chivas catalog of gentlemanly beverages, enjoying Chivas 12 is a catalytic moment for many an aspiring gentleman or woman. They will be updating the packaging with a modern flair alongside the signatures of the Chivas brothers, serving a brief introduction to the refined heritage of one of the damn best whiskeys in existence. 

Though the bottle and the box may have changed, the taste of Chivas 12 still defies comparison. 

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