Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Cutest in the Caliphate? Check Out ISIS Kids' Clothing Range

Photos showing kid-sized abayas and hijabs being made in the so-called Caliphate have surfaced on an ISIS blog.

Staff Writer

They say clothes make the man and the man makes the child...So why not dress up your aspiring young extremists in the latest ISIS spring collection, designed exclusively by the Islamic State? 

Striking pictures have surfaced on the internet showing an ISIS garment factory producing small-sized hijabs and abayas for children.

The photos, posted on an ISIS blog carrying the name of the “Information Office of the Mandate of Nineveh” show women stitching together the garments at a large, fluorescent-lit facility. The blog also shows the garments being distributed to kids...Aren’t they just adorable? Let us know what you think below.