Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Chez Jean Claude: Fusion European Cuisine

Set to open this Thursday is Chez Jean Claude: a French-Italian fusion restaurant that will bring everything from Parisian breakfasts to such delectable dishes as Tante Jacqueline's Veal Medallions to the First Settlement.

Staff Writer

In our eternal quest to sample every eatery in the city, we're always on the fervent lookout for new spots set to open. This Thursday a French-Italian fusion will be finding its way to Cairo as Chez Jean Claude opens up in the First Settlement. The name alone incites an ooh la la! from us. If you love yourself some fine wining and dining this looks like it's going to be the place for that – the kind of restaurant where they've got creative and perfectly pretentious dishes (can you say St. Tropez Salad?) that you indulge in with an accompanying bottle (or three, or seven) of wine. Our kind of place!

Located in New Cairo, Chez Jean Claude is a mix of bakery and restaurant, with a wicked menu that boasts everything from breakfasts worthy of Parisian sidewalks to dinners that would please the most persnickety eater. Think breakfasts of almond croissants and cinnamon French toasts eaten on the restaurant's terrace that overlooks a gorgeous garden. The rest of their menu looks equally amazing, with everything from Gravlax Salmon Salad to Tante Jacqueline's Veal Medallions, and the place itself has a charming European feel – you might (almost) forget you're in Egypt altogether. With an Italian owner and a French chef, the restaurant draws inspiration from both cultures – baguettes and brie, risotto and ravioli. Food heaven essentially.

With our taste buds' interest sufficiently piqued, we're already marking our calendars for its opening this Thursday, September 11 at 8:30 PM. It's going to be an exclusive invite-only event where you get to sample the whole sensational-looking menu, and of course, because no European-style meal would be complete without a healthy serving of wine, get to sip on the nectar of the gods while you feast. Bon appétit guys.

You can check out their Facebook page here