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Frootables Doesn't Just Deliver Fresh Produce to Cairo - They Give You Tools to Grow Them Too

Cairo’s newest produce delivery shop, Frootables, knows a thing or two about sustainability. They deliver fresh produce while offering tools - and an upcoming workshop - to help you grow them yourself.

It only took Frootables three weeks to fill a niche that had been left empty by the local food industry. The new produce retailer doesn’t just let you order high quality fruits and veggies to your door for less than the average market price, but its inspiring its customers to take the matter of food into their own hands— or at least, their green thumbs.

“The concept of Frootables is to essentially have all the greens that you would need daily, and learning to be self-sustainable by growing some of your own foods all while raising the quality of the foods you consume,” Omar Elmasry, cofounder of Frootables, told #CairoScene.

Frootables's journey started when four partners working in agricultural training and capacity building found themselves stuck at home during quarantine. “I was bored at home, so I got baby plants and started to take care of them," Elmasry said. "A lot of my friends started to ask me about it, so we incorporated them spontaneously into Frootables.” And so, as a result, Elmasry and his fellow cofounders Basil Arafa, Omar El Saghier and Mohamed Wahba brought the project into fruition.

The brand's got big plans in store: they're developing a workshop for young people interested in food sustainability, so they can learn how to grow their own food and take care of their house plants. Their products aren’t currently available at any physical store, but Frootables is open for orders through