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“I Use Crutches for My Spine Condition, But in The Water, I’m Free.”

The first in new series, GAMECHANGER-Z, sees 19 year-old Paralympic swimming champion, Zeiad Kahal.

GAMECHANGER-Z ft Zeiad Kahil, Egypt’s 19 Year-Old Paralympic Swimming Champion

When we decided to search for and spotlight the next generation of impactful Egyptians for a special new series, GAMECHANGER-Z, we went to the guys who know Gen Z more than most - Teen Times. We wanted them to tell us who they felt embodied the authenticity, subversity, diversity, and self-acceptance that are the aspirational hallmarks of Gen Z, and together we set out to tell some amazing new stories.

First up is Zeiad Kahil. Despite being born with a serious spinal condition, he is one of Egypt’s most successful young athletes, a record-breaking swimmer and member of Egypt’s national Paralympics team.

Video by MO4 Network