Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Lo & Lavender is What Baby Dreams Are Made Of

Baby's breath never looked cuter.

Staff Writer

Hush little baby don’t be coy, 'cause papa is gonna buy you a handmade toy. Alright maybe that was a bit cheesy, but can you really blame us? We’re still a little shaken after having just witnessed the cutest little thing in town. Toddler closets, crochet shakers, and jungle gyms are just the surface of the dreamy Baby’s Breath collection of Cairo’s newest baby brand, Lo & Lavender. 

The brand was founded by mom trio Hanya Koueider, Salma Koueider and Manal Safwat in December, and since then has been making steady strides in bringing some sunshine to our day. The mothers use a handful of workshops for woodwork and crochet, and assemble their products themselves at home. "We make them with so much attention and love from A-Z, you won't get as much love in a package anywhere else. Mothers can feel like they received it from a friend who made it for them, not just some mass produced product," Hanya Koueider told us. "It's what we would want for our own children, too." If that's not made with love, what is?

Whether you're a mom, dad, sibling, or just a baby connoisseur, we think you’ll agree that this handmade brand practically invented the word precious. With handmade pacifiers, twinkling little star clips, and toddler closets to teach your little ones organizational skills from an early age, these products are not only handmade locally but are designed mindfully to stimulate the tiny brains of the next generation and carry your lessons and feelings with them — because sometimes the smallest things can take up the most room in your heart.