Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Italian Gelato in the Heart of Cairo

On a recent walk through Zamalek we stumbled upon Gelato Mio - from the makers of Pizza Mia - offering a massive array of Italian ice cream flavours...

Staff Writer

Tucked away on an off shoot of Zamalek’s Brazil street hides a little slice of Italy only recently opened to the public. Gelato Mio is a quaint little ice cream store dedicated to the Italian style of the frozen treat, with just a couple of cute tables in front of a mammoth display of their home-made gelato.

With at least 10 to 12 flavours on offer at any given time, it took us ages to decide on which flavours are our favourite as we tasted each and every one. With classics like vanilla, coffee and chocolate competing against new-aged varieties made to satisfy the average Egyptian (think Oreo, caramel and date and cinnamon) it was a tough choice. And that’s not even mentioning the fruit sorbet varieties which ranged from lemon and mango to more exotic choices like pomegranate and grapefruit – which we ended up combining for a tangy, light treat. Our other duo was cookie (think biscotti) and Oreo (think Oreo not Borio) which was a more decadent combination.  What differentiates gelato from regular ice creams is the butterfat content which, by Italian law, cannot be less than 3.5%. We’re not sure if Gelato Mio is abiding by Italy’s statute but we will say this – it certainly isn’t low calorie! 

Though summer might be behind us, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of excuses to visit this traditional gelataria throughout the year, especially since they constantly rotate their flavours with new seasonal treats. Owned by the same crew who created Pizza Mia, it’s a stroll away and the perfect end to an Italian experience.

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