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Moj Soaps Are Homemade, All-Natural and Family Crafted

After 20 years of experience in chemistry, Arwa Youssef and her family have brought out a love of soap making in this new homemade brand.

moj soap

Whether it's working on soaps using all-natural ingredients to guarantee gorgeous results in your beauty regimen, or having the family get together to help in a new business venture, chemistry gets things done. And with over twenty years of experience as a chemist under her belt, Arwa Youssef and her family are looking to upgrade your skincare with their new brand, Moj Soap.

“This has been my craft for many years," Arwa Youssef, the chemist and brains behind Moj Soap, told CairoScene. "I didn’t want to enter the market because I didn’t think people would buy it because there are cheaper options on the market that use low-quality oils.”

Swapping out such oils for natural ingredients like goat milk, honey, oats, aloe vera, and coffee isn't just a matter of trendy marketing - it's a deliberate choice born from decades of working with chemistry, resulting in a product line that can cater to every skin type. Using high-grade virgin essential oils, Moj Soap substitutes water with carrot juice to create glistening results in the skin, or with camel milk for ultimate moisture. One of our favourite items is their goat milk soap, based on an age-old donkey milk recipe that was known to be used by Cleopatra.

“My mom has been a chemist for 20 years," Malak Elwy, Youssef’s daughter, said. "During quarantine, she rediscovered her passion for soap making. She was hesitant to start her own brand but my aunt and I encouraged her and started to pitch in.” As if in tribute to their support, Youssef had named the brand 'Moj' after her three children's initials.

Moj Soap only launched at the beginning of August but has already sold out of nearly half of their stock. To pick out from the rest of their products, you can shop at

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