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Pharaohs vs Rastas

Dreadlocks vs. gold headdresses – we wonder who'll come out on top?

A showdown is set to take place in London that will pit Rastas vs. Pharaohs in a friendly football match.

The match has been scheduled for June 4th and will be taking place at Matchroom Stadium. The announcement was made by the Jamaica Football Federation, that is hoping to build momentum ahead of the Caribbean Cup in November.

"Securing another high profile opponent is in keeping with our vision of preparing the team well to compete at the highest level. Egypt is a multiple-time African champion and is ranked highly by FIFA, so that will be a tough test for us," JFF President Horace Burrell said.

Egypt is currently ranked 24th in the latest FIFA rankings, and are the second highest ranking African team behind Cote d'Ivoire. Conversely, Jamaica holds the 81st position on the FIFA ranking list, and is ranked third in the Caribbean Football Union, behind Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti.

Unfortunately, Egypt failed to qualify for this year's World Cup in Rio, but at least Egyptians will have the chance to see Egypt compete internationally, which should help keep our FIFA ranking. The test against Jamaica should come as a confidence booster for the Pharaohs as the stats point to this game as being an easy match for Egyptians, but if we have learnt anything from watching Egypt play is that nothing is predictable, ever.