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The Lemon Tree & Co

Life is giving Cairo lemons, and you can't have lemons without a lemon tree. We get a sneak peek at the latest concept restaurant and bar, ahead of its launch, and discover a little bit of Eden on the Nile.

There’s nothing quite like chilling out, right on the Nile. Say what you will about the colour of the water, the floating debris and the noise pollution blaring out of feluccas, a restaurant and bar on the historic river beats everything else, every time. The newest venue to join the cool club opens on Zamalek’s Imperial Boat in a couple of weeks and it’s been a long time since we were genuinely as excited about a new hot spot as we are now. The Lemon Tree & Co. promises a new take on casual dining and sunset drinks, combining a artistic, raw and decidedly green take on design with modern Mediterranean, creative cocktails and a whole array of imported wines.

With unfinished wood, pained in pretty pastels, a whole host of plants, shrubs and flowers growing out of every nook and cranny, it’s hard to believe that this is a new venue. Instead it already seems part of the Nile-front scenery; like it grew organically out of the water like reeds, only brighter, lighter and happier. Word has it The Lemon Tree & Co. is planning a series of daytime events that end in sunset parties on arguably the world’s most famous body of water. With brunch, lunch and dinner served fresh daily, expect light and filling dishes, inspired by the Mediterranean Coast and the laid-back lifestyle the region is revered for. With wines from across the world – notably France, Italy and Spain – we imagine that the venue will be packed out with the most discerning of diners, and rightly so too.

So they’ve got the venue, the location, the décor and the food and drinks down. But that doesn’t seem to be enough for the crew behind The Lemon Tree & Co., who seem absolutely determined to make the space stand out from the rest. To make the space unique, as well as give back to the local community, they’ll be offering pseudo-gallery space to up and coming Egyptian artists to exhibit and sell their art. They’ll have a wall dedicated to doing just that, and all profits will go directly to the artists themselves.

Stay tuned to CairoScene to be the first to hear when The Lemon Tree & Co. opens. Meanwhile, fnd out more on The Lemon Tree & Co's Facebook Page here.