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The Mood is Good

The CairoScene team ventured out to New Cairo last weekend to check out the newest addition to the district's ever-growing dining scene and The Mood was certainly right!

Located on Road 90 in the Fifth Settlement, in the hard to miss Landmark building, lies one of New Cairo finest restaurants and lounges, The Mood. Walking in, the first thing that strikes you is how open and spacious the venue is. The establishment reeks of chic as it provides a Mediterranean atmosphere complete with minimal lighting and an exotic swimming pool.

Shortly after taking our seats, we were presented with menus. The food menu hosted a myriad of Lebanese options offering the standard hot and cold mezzas, mixed grills, fattas, and just about anything else you expect on a Lebanese menu. The drink menu is filled with a variety of frappes, cocktail, smoothies, milkshakes and more. If you prefer a harder drink, however, this place might not be for you. Yes, there’s a bar, but it’s only a bar by name: The Mood is a family friendly place and, if it’s any consolation, they make a kick-ass coffee. 

We found ourselves seated in make-shift booth; three large couches in a U-shape, congregating around a massive coffee table, in front of a flat-screen TV. It was Thursday night and New Cairenes were out in full-force, filling the massive indoors and outdoors space that The Mood dominates. Nevertheless, thanks to careful planning and ingenious interiors, our group of eight felt just segregated enough to hear each other properly but not too closed off from the rest of the venue, meaning we felt like part of the chilled out yet energetic vibe that the place exudes.

Our food and drinks arrived in reasonable time and filled our table to our delight. One of the first plates down was a plate with an assortment of whole vegetables that seemed a little confusing before we were informed that it was an exclusive Lebanese tradition. Apparently, the Lebanese like to tackle vegetables in the very same way Egyptians tackle leb and termis, grazing on them throughout the night. The highlights of the meal included anything and everything in pomegranate sauce, the kobbebas, the mini hawawshis, and the mixed grill platter which came with a side of gorgeously barbequed vegetables. The Lebanese pastries including fatayer and mana’eesh, were hot and fresh and clearly made with care. Everything presented was delicious but standard to what you expect when you order Lebanese food. Aside from the mini hawawshis, the menu doesn’t provide any twists but that’s exactly what The Mood is about: authentic, traditional Lebanese cuisine. 

The milkshakes were exceptional, and there wasn't a complaint to be had about the drinks we were served. Though we heard the Happy Birthday song sang seven times this particular night, we imagine this is a great place to get some work done during the day, or even hold a business meeting as its sophistication, matched with a slightly more casual vibe, make it good for conversation and creativity. The shisha was smokalicious and had a lot of creative options like the signature Strawberry Milkshake and Mixed Berry tobaccos.

The Mood proved to be a very affordable – there’s no minimum charge unless you’re holding an event or party there – and comfortable space that allows you to dine and hang with friends and family, without any intrusiveness. We’ve been told that some local celebrities hang out there, so you know it’s a place where privacy is respected. With the flatscreens set up, we’ll definitely be going back to catch football matches in the future; it sure beats your average ahwa or trying to get everyone together in your living room!  The Mood is destined to be the next big hotspot in New Cairo, so if you’re in the mood for some relaxation and fun, don’t delay.

Find out more about The Mood on their Facebook page here and follow @TheMood_Egypt on Twitter.