Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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UNTY Launches V

One of Cairo's most flourishing streetwear brands, UNTY is back with their fifth collection and a ceative new campaign...

Staff Writer

Cutting-edge local clothing brand UNTY has definitely been on everyone’s radar for the past few years. Known for their eclectic designs, the brand has become synonymous with edge, art, and originality. They stepped off the scene for a while, but are back now with their fifth collection, simply titled V, rolling out a campaign that encapsulates the identity of the brand with a three-part series of videos, being released one at a time.

This time around, UNTY have purposely abandoned the norm, and have created a campaign that is more about the entire feel of the brand as opposed to the actual products. “The collection isn't just about the designs, it's everything else that goes with them; the films, the music, it's creating a mood,” UNTY’s founder Omar Mobarek explains, “We are so used to associating branding with a face value display but we wanted to present a more wholesome picture for people to be able to make their own connection to the brand.” For UNTY, the core of this campaign revolves around interpretation; you may or may not take something away from it, and what you take away will differ from person to person; they’ve refused to push a certain concept down their audience’s throats and tell them what to think. “We don’t want to tell people it’s about this or that,” Mobarek elaborates, “The campaign is supposed to be taken with an interpretive outlook.” Their method may be unconventional, a take-what-you-will approach mixed with a lack of product emphasis, and they’re aware of this, but that’s exactly the point. “A lot of people may not connect with it, but the people that do take something out of it are the people we want loyal to our brand,” Mobarek says simply.

The creative brand refuses to be pigeon-holed, allowing for a fluid identity. Even their own definition of their identity is shifting and leaves room for change. “UNTY is like a person, learning and evolving. When you ask someone what's your identity, it's hard to describe, you'll end up labelling or limiting them. It’s a person, the identity is just something you'll recognise.” In line with that, they haven’t even limited themselves to a clothing brand but rather a collaborative entity who are open to working with musicians, visual artists, writers, or anyone who wants to create engaging content.

So here’s the first video. Take what you will from it.

The collection is now available at Enigma shopping and at the Pop Up Store. You can check out their Facebook page here