Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Video: Episode 3 of Nike Women's Margot vs. Lily Is Out!

In the third episode of Nike Women’s hilarious Margot vs. Lily, Lily gets closer to hitting the three-friend mark and Margot tries to "sex it up."

Staff Writer

The third episode of NikeWomen's web series Margot vs Lily is out, and it is a doozy! Being the unoriginal complacent flaccid cow she is, Margot decides to adopt the cheap yet effective tactic of ‘sexing up’ her YouTube show. What a floozy!

Lily manages to get kicked out of her own apartment after she makes a total ass out of herself as she hosts a book club. Her luck is turning, though, as her friend-making endeavours pay off eventually. The fitness freak makes friends with a hippie; you can’t exactly take it to the bank, but it’s a friend nonetheless! So, progress!