Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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10 Unbelievable Vacation Deals

Sometimes, you just need to get out of Egypt and get your vacation on, but you really don't want to burn a hole in your pocket with overpriced packages. So we planned ten - perfectly priced - vacations start to finish, so you don’t have to. You're welcome.

Staff Writer
From high style and world-class shopping to jaw-dropping scenery and unrivaled art, culture, food and more. We've rounded up 10 brag-worthy places that are totally Instagrammable, and most importantly, AFFORDABLE, so you don't have to hurt your wallet whatsoever. 
1) Istanbul, Turkey.
They'll fly you to Mohanad's motherland, get you all cozied up in a cutesy hotel (breakfast is included, don't worry) for 8 days and 7 nights. Oh and take you on a gorgeous boat trip to the famous Bosphorus island.
Price: 3900LE.
Travel Agency: OK Sky Link Travel.
Address: 3 Waheeb Dous Street, Maadi.
Telephone: 0223781582.
2) Kathmandu, Nepal.
Indiana Jones will be with you in spirit while you're zip-flying, hiking, bungee jumping, waterfall swimming (is that a term? whatever, we made it one), and trying the oh-so-exotic Nepalese food and more. Accommodations, transportations and entrance fees are all taken care of.  
Price: 4800LE.
Travel Agency: Gazef.
Address: Villa 260, Medhat Assem Street, parallel to Road 90.
Telephone: 01149997114. 
3) Valletta, Malta.
Enjoy 6 days and 5 nights of just sun, sea and sand. And not just any kind, but the Instagrammable kind. And that's very important, duh. Flights and accommodations (plus breakfast at three-star hotel Roma) are included.
Price: 4250LE.
Travel Agency: Triptanza.
Address: 116 El-Sayed El-Marghany, Heliopolis.
Telephone: 16957.
4) Luzon, The Philippines.
This is a deal you cannot miss! 11 freakin' days and 10 nights to Luzon island and the magical Cordillera mountains. You'll have tons of activities to do from sea kayaking and island hopping Bacuit Bay to navigating a paddle boat through Puerto Princesa (the world’s most exotic island and home of the world’s longest underground river) and more. Accommodations and meals are included.
Price: 6900LE. 
Travel Agency: Destination 31.
Address: 17 Aswan Square, Mohandessin.
Telephone: 01222945740.
5) Beirut, Lebanon.
This one goes out to all the people that want to get outside of Om El Donya, but not too far and not too long - accommodations at City Suite Hotel in Lebanon for a weekend. From exploring Be3albek to hiking Qadisha Valley, having actual fattoush (not the stuff we have here) and more. Flights are included.
Price: 3100LE.
Travel Agency: Travelstart.
Address: 24 Misr Helwan Agriculture Road, El Jazeera Tower 2, Maadi.
Telephone: 012 1116 8132 / 0225257576.
6) Europe.
Backpacking Europe is every white girl's dream, but not anymore - now it can be a reality. This package will provide you with accommodations (including breakfast), international AND internal flights and the chance to wanderlust through Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris (3 nights in each country). 
Price: 8500.
Travel Agency: Budget Backpackers.
Address: 2 Gezirah, next to Academeyet El Saadat, Floor 7, Corniche Maadi.
Telephone: 0119468649.
7) Limassol, Cyprus.
Cyprus is the new Mykonos. You won't bump into anyone you know on the flight or the 8 days and 7 nights (at three-star hotel Kapetanios Odyssia) you'll spend at the gorgeous island. Do you really need any more reasons?
Price: 5200LE.
Travel Agency: Quick Air Travel & Tours.
Address: 26 Mahmoud Basiony Street, Off Talaat Harb Square, Downtown Cairo.
Telephone: 19102. 
8) Copenhagen, Denmark.
Flights are taken care of. The accommodations (two-star hotel Nebo for 6 days and 5 nights) are taken care of. Good times are up to you to create. 
Price: 6500LE.
Travel Agency: Triptanza.  
Address: 116 El-Sayed El-Marghany, Heliopolis.
Telephone: 16957.
9) Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
You'll have 6 full days and 7 nights to re-enact all of the scenes from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Maybe even breathe the same air Tom Cruise breathed. Ahhhh, the possibilities. Flights and accommodations (with breakfast) are included.
Price:  4600LE.
Travel Agency: Travel Choice (previously called Thomas Cook).
Address: Road 9, next to Cilantro, Maadi.
Telephone: 0226965000.
10) London, England.
Bye Sakkara, hello Guinness. From getting your shopping game on at Burberry, having a cheeky Nando's, Instagramming your little walk at Oxford Street and more, London is a must-go this summer. Flights and accommodations (at Holland Inn Hotel for a weekend) are included.
Price: 4400LE.
Travel Agency: Travelstart.
Address: 24 Misr Helwan Agriculture Road, El Jazeera Tower 2, Maadi.
Telephone: 012 1116 8132/0225257576.