Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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7 Cairo Dance Studios to Get You Moving in All The Right Ways

Leave the Kiki dance to the amateurs.

Staff Writer

Cairo can be stressful at times — well, most of the time. The weather’s getting hotter, the days are getting longer, and by the looks of it, work is going to go on for the rest of our lives.

By the end of a long and stressful week, most of us resort to booze, smokers, frequenting bars or clubs blaring loud music, just to wash away the memories of said erratic days. Clubs are fun and all, but dance studios give you a lot more than a night of dancing ever could. It's a lot more than getting your weekly exercise; dance is a remedy and an outlet to get you on your feet, feeling truly connected to your body. It's a remedy that physicians and even therapists swear by. In fact, it’s been proven that a great remedy for anxiety, depression, and excessive weight gain is...well, dance.

Bar hopping tonight? Well, it's advisable hold that thought for a minute, and consider one of these dance studios instead.


Image source: @lamia.madouh

As everyone may have already noticed, the average Instagram feed of a Cairene will feature a minimum of three pole posts a day. And for a good reason too. The art of pole dancing has gained a lot of popularity in Cairo, winning the hearts of many. Hundreds of Egyptian women and beginners have claimed to "find themselves" in Pole Dancing, the way travelers do when they travel to a remote area. It's a sure way to gain confidence, and a lean and flexible body.

The Mala is one of many Dance studios in Cairo that offer pole dancing classes, which help you workyour whole body, improving your muscle tone, flexibility and posture, as well as giving you some of that upper body and core strength. 

Location: New Cairo
They also offer: Bootybarre; Aerial Yoga; Hip Hop Dance.
Contact: 0110 028 5521 // Instagram


Image source: Ballerinas of Cairo group and its founder and photographer Ahmed Fathi 

Contemporary fusion is a type of dance which combines different styles of dancing, ending with something new and completely out of the box—kind of like in a dance-off that finishes with a signature move, or an improvised secret handshake. Contemporary Fusion is for those who are easily bored, or whoever others looking to try a little something new. It's also a sound practice to keep you light on your feet, leaving you swift and agile.

Adams Dance Studio holds Contemporary Fusion dance classes, instructed by Rania Ihab, who incorporates various types of dances like hip hop, salsa, and more.

Location: New Cairo & Sahel
They also offer: Hip Hop; Breakdance; Tango; Salsa; Couples classes; Kids & Teens classes.
Contact: 0100 555 5137 // Instagram


Image source: Kempinski Hotel

Perhaps you want to travel back to a time where ballrooms were a thing of casual entertainment, or perhaps you just really want to impress your date with your smooth, slick charm, and your even smoother and slicker moves. Ballroom dancing is both a social and artistic form of entertainment; while it requires great precision with each step (you might want to avoid stepping on your partner’s feet) it also serves as a good place to let out a good laugh, boost those serotonin levels, and have some good ol’ fun.

Brass Monkeys teaches you how to Flamenco and will generally offer you a really positively bright setting for you to loosen up both physically and mentally. The vibes are warm, the atmosphere inviting, and the swagy moves will leave you gasping for more.

Location: New Cairo, Katameya
They also offer: Breakdancing; Belly Dance; Jazz-Funk; Pole; Aerial Ballet; Kids dance classes
Contact: 0114 999 7114 // Instagram


Image source: MO4 Network

Egyptians belly-dance well. Even when they don't, they sure as hell think they do. After all, we've had extensive training through endless fara7s where Sha'bi music always ends up dominating the party one way or another. Maybe you weren't born in Egypt, or maybe you were never one to dance as a kid, but if you missed that belly dancing boat growing up, it's not too late. Belly dancing, while natural for most Egyptians, can also be a learned technique with some practice—and trust us, it certainly will come in handy one of those days.

Dansation Egypt is a studio which offers oriental Egyptian belly dance lessons, where you will learn how to get that belly rolling, and a hot bod in the process.

Location: Mohandeseen, Agouza
They also offer: Tango, Waltz, Salsa, Tap Dancing, Hip Hop Dancing
Contact: 0100 085 0153 // Instagram


Image source: Adams Dance Studio

Hip hop dancing can come in handy anywhere, and by anywhere we really mean it; in your car, in the shower, or as you get down and dirty in the club, obvi. The great thing about hip hop dancing is that it could go with almost any beat, as long as you can pinpoint it amidst the noise of whatever track is playing. It also earns you cool points and generally makes you a more carefree person with your happy-go-lucky charm and your chilled out attitude—and, of course, your sweet dance moves.

Danzone Art & Dance Studio has a staff of Hip Hop dancers who also know how to breakdance. This is guaranteed swag for when you walk into the club and want to be the life of the party.

Location: Heliopolis
They also offer: Summer Dance Camps for kids; ballet for men; Tabla classes; Bollywood; Hip hop dance classes for teens; Tap dance.
Contact: 0109 106 3963 // Instagram


Image source: MO4 Network

Poi dancing began gaining popularity in Egypt when Sinai began buzzing; free spirits began taking to the beach, dancing with fire and manipulating the light to create really trippy visual effects. While the sport is usually performed with fire, other objects of lights are often used by many, especially when practicing tricks like juggling or twirling. 

Poi Beats offers lessons, teaching you how to dance and how to overcome the fear of dancing with fire. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but learning it will definitely make you all the much bolder.

Locations: Downtown Cairo & Sheikh Zayed.
They also offer: Beginner and intermediate levels; they sell the necessary equipment.
Contact: 0109 111 2919 // Instagram


Image source: My Two Piasters

The art of Brazilian dancing. Well, it’s a lot more than just dancing. Capoeira delves you into a world of Afro-Brazilian martial arts, combining dance and self-defense techniques and all the things you’ve never really imagined yourself capable of doing. Don’t be intimidated, though; the support and love you’ll find at a Capoeira studio, along with the ritual chants and clapping will leave you buzzed and encouraged by the tribe-like unity of the Capoeira members, watching, supporting, and cheering you on.

Capoeira Brasil (formerly known as Olorum Bahia Capoeira) is the first studio of its kind to open in Egypt, and is in fact one of the very few places in Cairo that offers capoeira courses.

Location: Downtown Cairo & New Cairo
They also offer: A whole lotta love and spirituality.
Contact: 0100 107 7330 // Instagram

Main image from Gold's Gym Egypt