Monday May 20th, 2024
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Select 150: Mixed by Bedoui

The special 150th edition of SceneNoise’s long running mix series sees exciting Tunis-based DJ/selector Bedoui hitting the decks for an hourly mix of his meticulously curated tunes.

Ahmed Khalaf

Select 150: Mixed by Bedoui

Bedoui was born, raised, and is based in Tunis - but, somehow, his soul belongs to every corner of the world. His artistic influences are derived from the deepest roots of musical ancestry. With an intense love for music and a passionate interest in the cultural contexts layered in every sound, Bedoui chose to make a commitment out of his passion by converting his digging habit into a permanent pursuit for his listeners' joy, and his own. 

The vibe he shares is a tribute to the bond that once, and continues to, link humans and humanity to the sacred energy of music.

A frequent spinner at Tunis’ Club Gingembre, as well as hitting the decks at Downtown Vibes’ 8th Anniversary and the coveted Yuka Club for their 5th birthday, Bedoui is establishing himself as one of the finest rising selectors Tunis has seen in a while. Bedoui enjoys diversity and keeps his mixes eclectic as a thorough digger, having a wide collection of all genres and styles. It's this, and his rare and obscure sounds that have earned him a reputation as an unpredictable selector.

For this mix he pulls out his arsenal of New Beat, Darkwave and some Body Music selections which include the likes of Drvg Cvltvre, Bliss Inc, Exterminador, and more.