Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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From A to Being: Car Rental in Egypt has Never Been Easier

German precision and international luxury - in Egypt??

Staff Writer

From A to Being: Car Rental in Egypt has Never Been Easier

With the advent of things like real-time ride-sharing in Egypt, the business of traversing Cairo’s spaghetti-like traffic is very much in the collective conscious of anyone who’s forced to brave the hordes of cars, microbuses and donkey carts that we meet during our day-to-day road excursions.

While owning a car in Egypt can be a gift and a curse, we’ve found ourselves on the cusp of a change in culture – the culture of car rental.

While it’s never really felt like a logical or accessible option for Egyptians, one global leader in the field has kicked off a new approach, under the name From A to Being, to make sure that it is. Operating under Abo Ghaly Motors, SIXT's offerings prove that there’s a certain freedom you get with car rental that you don’t get with any other transportation set-ups. Essentially giving you the freedom to travel, explore and generally let your hair down without the usual hassles and headaches, the German brand offers premium self-driven and limousine vehicle hire out of 12 locations across the country.

But there’s more to it than just handing over a car. Keeping in line with the international-level luxury and renowned German efficiency of its Muterland, this new approach highlights the firm’s commitment to offering the highest of standards – the process of choosing and securing your car of choice is quick and reliable, the forever young fleet of cars are kept in tip-top shape and there are packages of different short and long rentals to fit all - you an even pre-book a car abroad before your travels to 115 countries with 4500 locations worldwide.

You can even take it on holiday, try a model of car before you buy it or, what we’re planning to do, rock up to our next event in brand new JEEP Grand Cherokee. You know, just to seem fancy and all.

Be fancy to and head over to to their official website or call 19670 for more info on SIXT's services.

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