Thursday April 18th, 2024
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inSeason: Cairo's One-Stop Super Food Shop

Opening in Zamalek next week is a new grocery and fresh juice store, promising to make us healthier. We speak to the owner to find out more.

Staff Writer

inSeason: Cairo's One-Stop Super Food Shop

The health revolution seems to be growing in momentum, as businesses are becoming aware that there are profits to be made off the health obsessed customers. The latest business getting in on the health craze is inSeason, a grocery store that aims to supply high quality super foods, like kale and quinoa. As a concept, inSeason is as fresh as it gets, as the business looks to be more than a grocery shop, offering a range of products that are nearly impossible to fine.

According to the owner Amr Darwish: “We are hoping to be the very first store in Egypt to offer cold pressed juice.” This comes as exciting news for the health obsessed. For those who don't know, cold pressed juice is extracted by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. The problem with blenders is that the heat generated from use of its blades can end up destroying nutrients, while colded press juices keep all that good stuff intact. We don't know of anywhere right now where you can get kale or spinach juice, which are popular abroad for detoxing and weight loss, as one bottle packs as much nutrients as three salads.

“As a grocery store, we will source the highest quality organic vegetables and super foods available, while importing premium product like olive oil and honey,” Darwish excitingly describes. inSeason is set to open its doors next week in Zamalek, and will surely be on the forefront of Egypt's health kick, resulting from the rise of diabetes and other diet related illnesses. Whether you looking for a healthy snack or super food groceries, inSeason is dead set on being the one-stop shop that keeps you living healthier and thus longer.

To learn more check out there Facebook page here.