Friday December 8th, 2023
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The Ministry of Health and Population is Releasing an App on Everything You Could Need for COVID-19

Live tracking, guidelines, ambulances, and other features are among the services that will be available in the app.

Staff Writer

The Ministry of Health and Population has announced that they will be releasing a new app as part of the ‘100 Million Health’ campaign that will allow users to receive live updates on the number of Coronavirus cases in Egypt. Aysem Salah, Advisor to the Minister of Health, revealed that before the pandemic the ministry received an average of 1,500 calls a day. That number has now risen to 40,000 per day. The app has been designed to make sure as many people's concerns are addressed as possible.

Upon installing the app, your national ID number, personal details and phone number are requested in order to pull up each citizen’s health file and assess whether they would be vulnerable to the virus. Variables like age and pre-existing conditions are taken into account.

The application also includes health guidelines and safety tips, like educational articles, common Q&As and how to grocery shop safely. Users will also be able to use the app to report cases, contact physicians and order an ambulance.