Tuesday December 12th, 2023
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Video: Church Explosion Kills 13 and Injures 42 in Tanta

The situation is still unfolding and the casualties increasing as an explosion took place in Saint Mari Girgis Church in the Nile Delta city of Tanta, as the country's Coptic community celebrates Palm Sunday.

Staff Writer

According to local news outlets,13 citizens were killed and 42 were injured the Nile-delta city of Tanta after an explosion took place in Saint Mari Girgis Church earlier this morning. Security forces have restricted access to the area of the explosion until the area is cleared and investigated.

شاهد لحظة وقوع الانفجار فى كنيسة مار جرجس بطنطا من طرف youm7

The explosion comes a day after a bomb detonated in a security camp in Tanta, for which Militant Group Lewaa' El Thawra claimed responsibility for the attack in a Facebook statement, according to Daily News Egypt. Attacks on churches in Egypt have reached new heights over the past few years, with the attack on the St. Mark Cathedral in December gathering international condemnation.  

The nature of the explosion is still unclear, but we will update the story as further information becomes available. 

Update: According to Al-Ahram, the death toll has risen to 25, while the injured increased to 71. 

Update: Da'esh claims responsibility for the bombing.

Update: A statement released by Da'esh's Amaq News Agency identified Tanta's attacker as Abu Ishaq Al-Masry and the suicide bomber of the later Alexandria attack as Abu Bora' Al-Masry, Egyptian Streets reports.

Update: President Abdel-Fatah El Sisi declares state of emergency for 3 months, which will require parliament's approval within a window of 7 days according to Mada Masr.

(Photo: Bombing of St. Mark Cathedral in December/Al-Ahram)