Monday June 24th, 2024
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Women of Egypt take note. We've just discovered a revolutionary new non-invasive face-lift technology at the Four Seasons Hotel at Nile Plaza's spa and it's seriously a game-changer.

Staff Writer


We at CairoScene are incredibly excited, for we've just made a new friend. It probably sounds a bit premature, but we would even go as far as claiming that she may become our best friend. Who is this mystery woman? Well, having recently arrived from England, with celebrity friends ranging from Brad Pitt to Jennifer Lopez, CairoScene would like to introduce you all to CACI!For all those beauty junkies out there, CACI is the companion for you. Delivering award-winning therapies and non-surgical face and body treatment solutions, ranging from combating cellulite to instant butt lifts (no squats involved!), CACI is the only machine of her kind in Egypt and she is about to revolutionise your aesthetic regimes with her ultimate facial, featuring an all-natural facelift.

The idea of being poked and prodded with collagen injections isn't the most appealing thought, but we can assure you that this facelift is toxin free and leaves no side effects. How, you may ask? Simple, CACI is an innovator and uses a micro-current, a gentle flow that already exists in our bodies. It stimulates the sagging muscles and re-generates them back to their original position making your skin look fresh and toned. It's practically a gym for your face, and we were excited about this kind of workout, so we headed down to The Four Seasons at Nile Plaza Spa (where CACI resides) to try it out ourselves.

Lying in a beautifully atmospheric room, designed for those one-to-ones with CACI, and in the hands of Spa manager Cindy King herself, we relaxed and eased our way into our facial.

Once your skin has been cleansed of all impurities whilst simultaneously receiving a light facial massage that will lull anyone into a dreamy sleep, it all begins with Facial Toning, a step designed to give your face back its bone structure instantly. Two treatment probes that emit electrical impulses are slowly guided down your face and massaged against targeted areas of your skin to firm and tone any of those sagging facial muscles. We had been told about the immediate effect of the Facial Toning, and although we sensed a dramatic tightening sensation on the right side of our face, we were convinced it was a myth. However, after a quick glance in the mirror, we couldn't have gotten back on that bed faster if we tried!

Once our facial muscles had been sufficiently toned, CACI worked her magic on our skin (it is a facial after all). By using a light therapy consisting of wavelengths of coloured light, any break outs or blemishes are eliminated quite literally at the push of a button. The light has a bio-stimulatory and antibacterial healing effect on skin cells.

Next comes the wrinkle comb. Depending on the level of the treatment, the wrinkle comb emits different quantities of micro amps. Ideally for better and longer lasting results (up to 15 years) the treatment should be done in sessions spanning up to 3-4 weeks, moving from a low frequency of micro amps to a higher frequency so as to improve the elasticity of muscles. As we underwent what Cindy calls the 'Party Booster', a one-time treatment used by many celebrities pre-red carpet appearances, we were zapped with a medium strength of 320 micro amps, creating a very slight prickling sensation.

Last but not least comes the Hydro Mask for skin hydration. Packed with hyaluronic acid and collagen serum, the translucent gel face mask soothes and replenishes. You may look like a human jellyfish for a while, but it's most definitely worth it as your skin becomes as absorbent as a sponge. So as to ensure total intake, electrical rollers are run over your face allowing those lines and wrinkles to be softened and the dark circles under your eyes to be eliminated, creating a brilliant complexion. The best part about it? You can even buy it for home use.

Our quick lunchtime facelift had our skin glowing, and just when we thought it couldn't get any better the following day it was smoother than a baby's bottom. Whether for targeting wrinkles or for preventative measures, CACI will be a faithful friend to you no matter your age, delivering everything from quick 'Party Pouts' to 'Jaw Lifts'. In the congested and polluted streets of Cairo, this detoxing facial treatment isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity and we certainly can't wait to see CACI again!

For more information join the conversation on Twitter with Four Seasons at Nile Plaza's Spa manager Cindy King and use #AskCACI every Thursday at 4PM starting October 30th!

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