Friday May 24th, 2024
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Half-Naked Man Wandering Mecca

Naked dreams? More like naked nightmares - a mentally-ill man wanders Mecca (almost) in the buff.

Staff Writer

Half-Naked Man Wandering Mecca

So it seems there is a half-naked man wandering around the streets of Mecca. In a city where covering up is the name of the game, a shirtless man roaming the streets is sure to garner a little attention. Apparently though, the man is mentally ill and is terrifying citizens of the city, walking up and down Al-Shuhada Road, sporting an angry demeanor and a transparent loincloth that barely covers up the critical… umm… areas.

He has so far neither attacked nor even spoken to any of the citizens. But on the heels of a brutal murder of an Indian worker by a man who was also found to suffer from psychological illnesses in Riyadh in the middle of the day, people are worried he might suddenly become violent and do something. We wouldn’t really want to be walking down the road and encounter a half-naked person in need of psychiatric help either; it's a precarious situation already, no less so if he could potentially turn violent if he doesn't receive the medical care he needs.

Many citizens of Mecca are suggesting just that for the various mentally ill people who are roaming the streets of the holy city, terrorizing residents. Add to that that at least one resident has stated that the loincloth was apparently entirely transparent, and his penis was on full display, many are hoping the authorities will do something to take care of both him and other such people with mental illnesses, because it's both a rather uncomfortable situation (no one wants to see naked people in the streets, really) and could potentially escalate into a violent one, as it did in Riyadh.