Friday December 8th, 2023
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Why You Hate Your Egyptian Ex

10 ways your life is ruined by break-ups, especially in Egypt.

Staff Writer

1 - Despite breaking up with them you see them at almost every place you go out. 

2 - They're probably dating your friend. 

3 - You've seen them out together; they are dating your friend.

4 - You don't have friends any more because your ex is dating your friends' friend.

5 - You finally go out on a date after the break up. They're super hot and it's the only time you don't see your ex. 

6 - When you're drunk or on drugs, people think it's because your upset about your ex, not because you simply want to drink or get high. 

7 - Your mother keeps asking about your ex because they were soooo nice and lovely and you were going to get married, but you're not, because he/she is a sharmoot/a.

8 - There are little to no other fish in the sea in Egypt, the pond is tiny, you have met all the fish... and they probably dated your friend. 

9 - You were so special she wanted to wait till marriage to have sex, when you broke up she had sex with your friend. Not so special now, are we? 

10 - He is telling everyone you were crap in bed, yet your hymen is still intact.