Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Masrawy Deal: Monopoly Deal with an Egyptian Twist

Just when you thought Egyptians couldn't Egyptianise anything more, we present to you: Masrawy Deal.

Staff Writer
El touch el Masry knows no bounds. Beau Lac du Caire? Bola2 El Dakrour. Pullover? Blovar. Jerrycan? Jerken. Let's stop there because, fadaye7. Egyptians wouldn't be Egyptians if they didn't put their touch on absolutely everything. Why stop at words, though? Why not create a fully functional parody of Monopoly Deal, complete with Egyptian colloquialisms straight off the street? That way, instead of 'just say no', you can just say 'da 3and ommo...' Seriously, that's one of the actual cards. We came across this gem the other day, and though it's been around for a while, it was the first time we spotted it and it truly left us breathless with its magnificence. 
You'll no longer be the proud holder of Park Place or Boardwalk - let's get real, you're more likely to boast ownership of 6 October or Zamalek. Bringing the distant world of Monopoly Deal back to the real streets of Egypt, Masrawy Deal replaces the otherwise American playing cards with familiar, and far too amusing, cards whose connotations only Egyptians will understand. Be the biggest m3allem in the game by setting down the most shishas, metzabbateen with the best wil3a; you guessed it, those are the Masrawy equivalent of houses and hotels. That's how we roll; because railroads are just railroads until you get Taftaf Khadamat Enshera7.
With this brilliantly creative parody of the original Monopoly Deal, things can get a little rambunctious. As we all know, Monopoly Deal isn't Monopoly Deal without some underhanded cheating, side deals, and backstabbing. Now, imagine yelling "talla3 el malateesh el enta mkhabeehom dol!" at your buddy across the room. Yes, each money card is eloquently reinvented as a maltoosh. Khod ama 2olak is as sly of a deal as it sounds, and nothing is more of a deal breaker than having someone tell you to hat wa lamo2akhza el short! Obviously, da 3and ommo. 
Sherif Adel and Marie Morcos are the dynamic duo behind this hilariously entertaining concept, originally inspired by the ever-growing world of Egyptian memes, as well as a similar Gulf adaptation of Monopoly Deal. But Masrawy Deal is just that much better. "The first comment we heard from people who saw the game was, 'ento m7ashesheen', says Adel. "Di bezzabt a3det ta7sheesh." We can't disagree. 
If we have't stressed it enough, Masrawy Deal is absolutely hilarious. Although, we are surprised we didn't find a khod 3ala afak card in there. Maybe in the next edition. 
For details on where to pick up your own Masrawy Deal, check out their Facebook page.