Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Nialaya Launch Party

Straight from Hollywood Boulevard to Egypt's refreshing North Coast, iconic jewellery brand Nialaya are bringing their chic accessories right to Martin's Beach Lounge in Marassi for a stylish, sun-drenched affair...

Staff Writer

Get the gold, white or black out of your closet because Niayala Jewelry is expanding their line to Egypt and, in collaboration with The Brand Collectors, are hosting their launch party at the breathtakingly beautiful Martin's Beach Lounge in Marassi on the 7th of August from 12PM until sunset with the above mentioned dress-code!

Nialaya is an American jewellery brand, that was founded in 2009 by Danish designer Jannik Olander. The name 'Nialaya' is inspired by a local shaman Jannik met while on a trip in a coastal city in India, who happened to carry the same name. The shaman Jannik met on his journey encouraged him to focus more on achieving his dreams and less on materialistic matters. Ever since then Jannik has taken Nialaya's advice on pursuing his dreams and went on developing the enormous company you see today, based on spirituality and the magical healing of energy.

 Find out more about the event here. Keep up to date with Martin's Beach Lounge here.