Friday June 14th, 2024
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Street Eats Gurus Kazouza Are Offically in Sahel

Maadi's coolest street eats spot, Kazouza, has moved to the North Coast and their sogo2, feteer, and kebda is worth forgetting formet el sahel for.

Staff Writer

Street Eats Gurus Kazouza Are Offically in Sahel

Kebdakoftafeteer and so much beid bel basterma - Cairo's coolest street eats spot, Kazouza, has munched its way to Lakeyard in the North Coast, setting up a funky retro food truck at the spot, and we couldn't be more excited.

The hipster homegrown brand, originally based in Maadi, is doing a roaring trade amongst the Sahel boys and girls who have seem to have come to the sudden realisation that there is no better post-swim snack than sogo2. Because fresca is great and all but wafer-thin bread with an iota of honey doesn't quite have that same hearty satisfaction as hawawshi. And let's all be honest here, Sahel may have become the newest hotspot for every kind of creative culinary experience out there but really, deep down, we all know that the true Sahel experience of our childhoods is one that included eating more feteer bel eshta than you're proud of admitting at midnight. No one cares if your thighs rub together by the end of Sahel season - you only really have to look good at the start of it.

So in conclusion, don't be no foul (get it? GET IT?) and head over to their awesome food truck. Your thighs may not thank you but who cares what they think anyway? Your stomach is the only thing that matter and it will be THRILLED. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @kazouza.