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Zorba: Zamalek’s Newest Cosy Neighbourhood Art Space

Zorba provides Cairo-based artists with a unique space to promote and nurture their creativity.

zorba art space zamalek

The Cairo community has been exponentially more focused on accommodating artists and providing them with gorgeous spots to create. Zorba, a newly-founded art space in Zamalek, is no exception. The space boasts different services and multi-functional areas to serve artists’ creative needs. We spoke to the founder, Paul Edward, who told us about his inspiration behind the space and its unique name: “I have always been fascinated by the character of Zorba, because of his desire to freely dance and sing, and the fact that he’s generally a free spirit.”


Zorba hosts a room with small desks, designed for anybody looking to get some work done in a quiet and creative space. It also hosts a multi-functioning room for musical performances and art galleries. Edward expressed his plans to screen movies that are not easily accessible in Egypt, noting that his interest in expanding movie nights is because he’s also a film director and would like to support underground filmmakers. Probably the most charming element of the space is that one room allows anyone to paint on the walls freely. All wall paintings are photographed and archived before being removed to make space for the next round. In case you need a boost to kickstart your creative process, this location also has a cute help-yourself coffee and tea station.

To find out more about Zorba, head over to the space's Facebook and Instagram pages.