Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Fitness Lord BeFit is Completing the Empire with Its Newest Healthy Eating Restaurant in Cairo

Egypt’s leading health and fitness entity BeFit has just launched their new restaurant, Be Good To You, and it’s revolutionising our idea of fine dining.

Staff Writer

Fitness Lord BeFit is Completing the Empire with Its Newest Healthy Eating Restaurant in Cairo

Having established Egypt’s chief health and fitness entity, BeFit is taking it one step further to develop a fully-fledged fitness empire. In collaboration with Tarek Foda and Aly Mazhar, BeFit Health Coach Nadia AbouTaleb is launching the new fine dining high-end restaurant Be Good To You, which serves gourmet quality meals that are healthy and full of nutrition.

Based in Katameya Heights, where BeFit initially started, the idea of the restaurant has been a long one coming. With BeFit providing its clients with professional health and nutrition advice, and after extensive research, AbouTaleb and the team decided they needed to fill the market gaps in healthy eating and give people delicious healthy food that did not consist of plain grilled chicken and raw vegetables. “Masr has a general demand for healthy food, while it lacks health food restaurants. There are regular people who are not athletes that want to eat clean, reasonably priced food that doesn’t taste awful,” Mazhar tells us.

AbouTaleb is passionate about breaking through the harmful fast-food phenomena that people have become reliant on. “There is no deep fryer in our kitchen,” laughs AbouTaleb. “We cater for gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan customers as well.” Be Good To You only uses premium and organic ingredients, and cooks all of their food using coconut oil and olive oil. As a dedicated health coach, AbouTaleb tells us, “I want to educate people and help them understand that eating clean food will change the way they feel for the better. Once they see the benefits, they will change their lifestyles.”

The public grand opening of Be Good To You will be taking place in a couple of weeks at Katameya Heights Compound's Tennis Clubhouse.

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