Friday 2 of December, 2022
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10 Reasons We Love Dogs

After a game-changing fatwa was issued by the former Grand Mufti stating that dogs AREN'T impure, we took a look at how awesome man's best friend can be...

Staff Writer

Dogs have traditionally been given some woof justice at the hands of Egyptians and the Arab world at large. However, when a fatwa claiming that man's best friend is also Allah's best friend came out, we thought that that was about to change all of that. Former Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa claimed that that there is nothing wrong with keeping a dog inside your house as a dog is not impure.

Here are ten reasons we love man's best friend.

1. They Solve Mysteries

Where would Fred, Daphnie, Thelma, be without Scooby Doo? Not solving mysteries - that's for sure.

2. They find kids trapped in wells

Picture the scene - you're out for a stroll and you happen to fall into a well. Good luck finding a cat that will help you out.

3. They provide inspiration to our favourite rap artists

He may now go by the name of Snoop Lion - but back when he was cool, it was all about Snoop DO-double-G

4. There's a sex position named after them

Enough said.

5. They can dance

Here's a dog, but not just any dog. A dancing dog.

6. They play fetch better than camels

Have your tried to play fetch with your pet camel? Exactly.

7. They help the blind to see


8. They sniff out drugs

It's the weekend, you're ready to party but your "DJ/friend" (see: drug dealer) is refusing to answer his phone. Don't worry - your dog will find him.

9. They sing (sort of)

This video. The world implodes.

10. They provide a great conversation starter

Cute member of the opposite sex: "Awww isn't he cute! What breed is he?" Bam. You've got a date.