Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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This Cairo Pet Hotel Lets You Monitor Your Furry Friends on CCTV While You're Away

Hold on, face-timing my doggo real quick..

Staff Writer

Six Egyptian vets, all holding degrees from schools in the United Kingdom, decided to come together to make our lives easier when it comes to taking care of our furry friends. After establishing eight chains of the British Animal Hospital, co-founder Ahmed El Nabrawy and co. went on to open the British Cat Hotel in Heliopolis and the British Dog Hotel in Sakkara - and they're planning on opening more.

Both hotels provide their residents and their owners the chance to log in and check on your cat/dog using video; the first service of its kind in Egypt when it comes to pet care. Veterinary services are available with teams on-call 24 hours for emergencies, and a team for each hotel always stays overnight. A transportation service is available as well, and upon your request your pet can be taken to the hotel and back to the safety of your home with no inconvenience to you. Grooming services are available in both hotels as well. 

When it comes to safety measures and maintaining peace between the animals in care, the team makes sure they're grouped according to how well they get along during playtime. Each individual cat or dog are let out on a daily basis to stretch and socialise. 

Upon checking in, each cat gets their own cage and the owners are notified before-hand to bring any personal items (litter-box for example), accessories or specific preferred food that would help make the feline guest comfortable. For EGP 70 per day, your cat gets accommodation, access to dry food and water all day, and is let out once a day to a play yard made especially for cats.

As for the Dog Hotel, the rooms are 1.5 sqm (per dog) and a day costs EGP 90, including water and access to the doggie playground and swimming pool. A meal costs an extra EGP 20, and you can specify how many meals per day and when they get fed, too. All services provided by both hotels are aimed at providing your pets with the utmost comfort and convenience.

You can find out more about the British Cat Hotel and British Dog Hotel on Facebook.

Main image courtesy of the British Cat Hotel