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Hemsah: Hippie Accessory Heaven

Our latest accessory find, Hemsah's has us fawning over their gorgeous chunky bronze and gold pieces, with stunning coloured inset stones, making them the perfect summer pieces...

So lately, we’ve really been channeling our inner hippie flower child. Our love for turquoise jewellery has grown tenfold (umm it just so happens to look epic with a summer tan), braids and bangles have become a staple in our lives, and one might say we’ve developed a borderline unhealthy obsession with owning every flower headband out there… So, you can imagine our delicious delight when we stumbled across Hemsah, a gorgeous globally-inspired accessories boutique, "for the girls with messy hair… the free spirits," whose first line, The Mediterranean Collection, is a wonderland of wearable art that's the epitome of the perfect blend between bohemian and chic.

The pieces, all beautiful bronzed works with a myriad of colored stones, are inspired by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Hemsah's founder, Sarah Samaha, started the line a year ago. After completing her Masters in International and Comparative Education, she wanted to find a way to infuse it into fashion. "I basically wanted a way to combine travel and fashion with alternative education," says Samaha. Being a travel junkie and veritable globe-trotter, she wanted to be able to materialise elements of the countries she'd visited and loved into wearable pieces.

"When I travel to places I always go and discover the culture, the history, the fabrics, the natural beauty, everything," Samaha explains, "And I then create pieces that reflect that." Each piece is a unique creation and has its own story behind it, written on a small card that accompanies it. Knowing full well that our frivolous generation has no patience for learning, Samaha wanted to package a few tidbits of education in a context that people would find interesting; "I wanted to find an alternative way to tell a story." And yes, it's a damn cute idea. We had one of those mini bio things come with our weed in New York once and it was great; and we love the concept just as much in the context of jewellery.

The Mediterreanean Collection, which was influenced by Samaha's recent travels to several Greek Islands, the South of France and our very own North Coast (Sahel's beach really does kick ass) will feature a lot of hues that reflect  the colours and the vibe of the three places. Samaha says you can expect a "very natural and raw" collection with lots of "chunky gold" that incorporates gemstones such as turquoise, topaz and even pearls. Essentially, the designer's goal is "to expose people to different cultures through fashion." A noble quest.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @Hemsah.