Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Our Ultimate Guide to the Bubbly Art of Bathscaping

Landscaping is too big, tablescaping is too dry, we want to relax in absolute luxury - and we whipped up a guide to everything you need for the best in bathscaping.

Staff Writer

Tablescaping is the now-ubiquitous art of making your dining table look insta-perfect. For months we've been writing about beautiful local brands that can help you perfect your dinner party. Well now it is time to move on to bigger and bubblier things. You see, the hottest new trend one must absolutely dip into is called BATHSCAPING. Yes it IS a thing. Google it. And so, as always, we want to be the first to help you navigate this new world of cute-cleanliness. We have scoured out the lushest loveliest local products to help you post your bath time in style.

First one must lay the foundation— the tray. It absolutely must be wood. Why? We haven’t a clue. But it must be. That's just how aesthetics work. We recommend measuring the width of your tub and getting your own custom-made tray from @folkraft.eg, @wasilaah.eg, or @rumah_designs.

You must then equip yourself with some kind of beverage-drinking device for self-care in the suds. A mug from @elliehomedecor.eg, @amm.home or @kin_forms should do nicely.

And now for candles. There are a plethora of local brands to choose from, but some of our favourites are @roshancandles, @amcandles_, and @jolieflammecandles.

You’re going to want something to keep you entertained during your bubble bath. Do NOT, we repeat do NOT use an electronic reading device. We are doing this not for practicality, but for picture-perfection. A good old fashioned book is both whimsical and sends the message that you are smart. Self-care and self-help books are wonderful combinations, and keep it local for extra cool points. May we suggest Nevine Elgendy's bestseller, 'BE'?

And finally, you’re going to want to dress your water as well. No, it's not technically part of the bathscaping but trust us - it's the cherry on top. Pamper yourself with some bath salts from @body_blaze, @gizmo.care or @nefertari_bodycare, get some essential oil from @senseraaromatherapy, @noon_cosmetics or @areej_aromatherapy, and throw in some rose petals for good measure. And there you have it, you’re all prepped for a luxurious bath worthy of Cleopatra.