Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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15 Of The Best Smiles In Egypt

A contagious smile can light up anybody's day, so we teamed up with French toothpaste Email Diamant, scoured Instagram, and put together a little pick-me-up package of the 15 best smiles to brighten up your day. Say cheese!

Staff Writer

Just keep brushing, just keep brushing, just keep brushing, brushing, brushing! You read that with a little Nemo in it, didn't you? Admit it.

We have three fun facts for you that may seem like they have nothing to do with each other, but there's a method to the madness; are you ready? Fun fact number one: the first thing someone notices about you - aside from your overall demeanour - is your smile. That could be either the best thing you've read all day or, quite possibly, the worst. On that note, fun fact number two: Pharaohs invented toothpaste. We're both quite proud and slightly apologetic to all the little children who hate brushing. And, while we're at it, here's fun fact number three: the French are incredibly sexy. They are! Gorgeous figures, etiquette and class, riveting scents, and captivating smiles - what's not to love?

If you haven't yet figured out how these facts are related, we'll help you out. Combining forces with their Pharaoh friends, Email Diamant, a new French toothpaste, is coming back to its pharaonic roots and hitting Egyptian stores everywhere. Now do you follow? Good. Now, who cares? Well, imagine heading out on a date - you don't want to be sitting there wondering if your teeth are the biggest turnoff anyone has ever come across, so you brush (we hope). You can either opt for the original toothpaste if you've got that type of confidence, or you could opt for their whitening toothpaste if you need a little help with those pearly not-so-whites, or just go for the one that strengthens the enamel if you have sensitive gums and don't want to spend your date going "ah ya snani" like old folks. Now, whether or not you're a giant turnoff in and of yourself is something neither we nor Email Diamant can help with. Anyway, now that you're potentially a little self-conscious and are now going to remember to brush before bed and before you leave in the morning (please!), we'll leave you with some #smilegoals from across the world of Instagram for you to look up to. Here are some of our favourite smiles in the city!

In the meantime, we'll leave this stuck in your head as you scroll: just keep brushing, just keep brushing...

Berna Ibrahim


Surely good deeds erase bad deeds 🙏 || 📷 : @mervesaracoglu

A photo posted by Berna Ibrahim (@brnibrahim) on

 Those oh-I-didn't-even-know-I-was-being-photographed smiles are the best.

Mohamed Ragabi

 There's a reason this guy is a model...

Tara Emad


النهاردة الخميييس... هيييييه #بهجة #سعادة #ويك_إند

A photo posted by تارا عماد Tara Emad (@taraemad) on

'Course you're super happy Tara; look at how cute you are. 

Mohamed Mekawy


Life is better when you are smiling #DehkaBare2aKhalesMales #MekawyisHere

A photo posted by Mekawy (@mohamedmekawy) on

 Life IS better when you're smiling. Wise words, Mekawy, wise words...

Yara El Etreby


#tb #photoshoot

A photo posted by Yara Eletreby (@yaraeletreby) on

 So the rumours are false and models do smile after all...

Yehia Saada


#morning #tanning #fit #aftergym #chilling #bythepool #cairotower #geziraclub 🔆🏊

A photo posted by Yehia Saâda (@yehia_saada) on

 We'd be happy too if we were sunning ourselves by a pool.

Amina Khalil

 You go Glen Coco - err, Amina Khalil. You and that megawatt smile. 

Ramez Youssef

Being one of the funniest dudes in the nation, Youssef is always making other people smile. So it's only natural that he'd have a killer grin too. Tab3an.

 Malak Badawi


Last night. #Ülker

A photo posted by Malak Badawi (@malakbadawii) on

 Woah, a selfie that doesn't have a duck face! Well done, Malak. 

Ramy Rainier

 Holding a chicken skewer is clearly his happy place.

Suzan Idris


More Pics from my Uncle's Wedding. Courtesy of: @ahmedidries 💙

A photo posted by Suzan Salah Idris (@shudbkushin) on

 Look at those pearly whites. Just look at them! 

Yusuf Dwairi 


happiness is an ice tea in the pool 🍹🍸

A photo posted by Y U S U F D W A I R I (@yusufdwairi) on

Ice tea by the pool is definitely cause to smile.  

Farah Zada


Good morning guys! Have a colorful day 🌈

A photo posted by Farahzada El Shihy 🌻 فرحزادة (@zadajr) on

 The graphic design guru is positively glowing!

Aly Mazhar


صباح الفل 😎

A photo posted by Aly Mazhar (@alymazhar) on

 Now kids, just as important as working out is smiling. Right Aly? Right? 

Farah Nofal


A photo posted by Farah Nofal (@farahnofal__) on

Look at me drinking this smoothie with such immense joy! It's such a good smoothie! 


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