Monday June 24th, 2024
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7 Of The Best Restaurants In 6th Of October City

Feast your eyes on these delicious spots around 6th Of October City that can't be missed. Now you know where to go for your next seven food outings around the city!

Staff Writer

7 Of The Best Restaurants In 6th Of October City

Egypt never fails to surprise us when it comes to food or beverages. An endless number of restaurants and bars have opened up all over Cairo, and our stomachs are just having trouble keeping up. Options are paralysing to the indecisive, you know. That's why we make all these list of the best places to eat, to make your lives that much easier. We go through the perils of feasting and decision-making on your behalf to bring you the best of the best – our jobs are hard; you're welcome. Now, all you folks out there in 6th of October City, start restaurant hopping, and try out these jaw-dropping, mouthwatering, tummy-filling, must-eat-now *crazy eyes* dishes from some of the best places to get your grub on around the city.. Each restaurant has its specialty, from delicious Asian noodles, to Indian curry chicken, to Lebanese vine leaves; the dilemma is trying to decide which cuisine we like most. Then again, why choose when we can have everything?

One Oak

Life is tough when all your friends love sushi and you’re the only odd one out; they usually go out for sushi and you’re just an awkward penguin sitting there thinking – yeah I’ll be here eating air, whatever… don’t mind me. One Oak, on the other hand, is the best of both worlds; they have sushi and steak that’ll satisfy you and your sushi-loving friends. They can enjoy their craving while you enjoy your ‘normal people food’. While we usually drink coconut in our cocktails on the beach, we were surprised to learn that they serve Thai Shrimp Coconut Soup with lemongrass. Interesting? We think so too. Our favourite dish is their tenderloin fillet, glazed with mushroom and served with blueberry sauce. Yes, you read it right – blueberry. And of course, no need say it, but they do have all the sushi you can imagine.


French toast with Nutella and sliced bananas, topped with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream and covered in caramel sauce, is just the way to start the day, don’t you think? This kind of positivity is just what you need before you start a long torturous day at work. We like to pair that with their Rocky Road milkshake, a delicious dairy and sugar overdose. Aside from Mince's breakfast, their Brooklyn burger is our favourite; American cheese, beef bacon, onion strings, fried egg, mince sauce – yum!


If you're a shawerma lovin' person then you’ll fall head over heals for Levant's cute little shawerma skewer – yes you get your own mini one. You also get tiny poofy round bread on the side with french fries and tomeya; an impeccable combo. When we first saw how it was presented on our table we thought it was too precious to ruin, but eventually our monstrous side took over and, let's just say it was a deliciously greasy situation.


Living up to the name, Izakaya is a great spot for after work drinks or a cultural fusion of a meal as this gastropub serves a unique blend of Peruvian and Japanese platters. Their overall ambience is quiet, laidback, and relaxed; unlike other restaurants, you don’t hear the conversation of the annoying woman on the next table complaining about her love life, so bonus points there. Izakaya offers a Peruvian delicacy that consists of fine rolls of salmon with mango and coconut dressing. One of the sashimis they offer is the Classico Tiraditos; paper-thin slices of sea bass, highlighted with passion fruit with a light essence of tiger’s milk. As Chandler would say, could they be more creative? If this doesn’t sound the least bit fascinating then there’s something wrong with you.

Le Pacha West

L’Asiatique brings Asia to you without even having to hop on a plane and listen to a baby cry (there’s always a baby). They serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and even Indian food, so you won't be disappointed with the options even if you’re a picky eater. Carlos, on the other hand, serves international cuisine and is the perfect spot for food, wine, and shisha – yes, that all exists under one roof.


Craving some fine croissants with a side of café au lait? We can all agree that when it come to croissants and baking, the French know what they doing; with their baguette, omelette du fromage, and pomme frites – okay that’s about all the French terms we know. For us, Paul is the perfect brunch with the girls kind of place, and the minute you step in you can instantly smell the freshly baked goods that'll take you straight to Paris.

Melt Bites Deli

We cannot get over how adorable the interior is at this place; it’s like you’ve stepped into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, except there’s a lot more than just chocolate. It was like it was going to rain Skittles soon. Aside from their delicious treats, they have a tropical quinoa salad and cooked fillet served with roasted baby potatoes and caramelised carrots that are to die for! They also have tender pan seared chicken with a sweet onion pudding and almond broccoli; sounds enticing, we know. Would you like some tea with those canapés?