Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Moseqar Drops His Daydream EP

Amateur music producer Mohammed Ziena, AKA Moseqar released his latest EP entitled Daydream, bringing us a fusion of genres blended together into a fantastical universe of sound.

Staff Writer

Looking to make his presence felt on the Cairo music scene is the latest offering by bedroom producer 22-year old Mohammed Ziena, AKA Moseqar, with an EP entitled Daydream.

Daydream consists of five tracks that will have you feel like you are floating carefree through space without any jarring interruption, except for the few messages that make it through from ground control. The EP is hard to place under a specific genre label. At times it sounds like a fusion of chilled out a la Cafe Del Mar, minimal electro dubstep, with ambient influences. By taking elements of each genre and fusing them together, Moseqar successfully creates the dream world that he seems to inhabit on a permanent basis.

Initially, we were going to break down the EP track by track, but this became impossible considering that the whole album runs for 17 min, and flows from start to finish using the same sound texture, which at times make it hard to make a clear distinction between each track. This is nonetheless a triumph from the stand point of creating a cohesive EP that flows effortlessly and highlights the artist's signature sound. However, if this was a full LP, then the sound would quickly play itself out, leading the listener to into a comfortably warm and cozy slumber.

The opening track begins with sparse but interchanging spoken words, over top a base of panning synths sounds, crisp but scattered piano melodies, and a foundation of warm strings that welcomes you into Moseqar's world. As the album continues, beats and flow change, but often convey the same spaced-out mood. Each track is carefully constructed with a myriad of layers that if separated would sound minimal, but together create a symphony of warm vibes.

If Moseqar's world was in the Matrix, then as Neo, you would be seeing a world coded in synths, piano, electro snippets, strings, guitar, and sparse percussion. If one had to put Moseqar's work within a frame of reference, then one could say that it sounds like a fusion of Sigur Ros, Moby, and Zero 7.

It's hard to point out an absolute highlight, but Hope stands out, as the beat is both addictive and demonstrates this bedroom producer's ear for creating build ups that drop at the sonically best of times. If Daydream exposes anything it is that Moseqar is a great producer who isn't afraid to play with panning and sound effects. The only thing really missing from this EP to take it to that next level is vocals. With the inclusion of vocal melodies each track would be easier to distinguish and would provide more of a pay off. As it stands this is a wonderful soundtrack to a movie yet to be made.

The EP was just made available for stream yesterday and can be heard by clicking this link. We also had the great opportunity of interviewing this uber talented musician/producer, so if you want to learn more about him and his style click this link right here.