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Waiting For The Drop

Journalist Alexei Barrionuevo traces the unexpected rise and rise of EDM in his new documentary series, exploring the culture surrounding the genre and interviewing some of its most iconic DJs.

Avicii, Tiësto, Hardwell... what they have in common isn't just the perception of being c***s, they're all poster boys for the meteoric rise of the superstar DJ. They also all feature as interviewees on a new documentary series by journalist Alexei Barrionuevo that follows the paradigm shift from a time when "no one gave a shit about the DJs, they could play in a corner against the wall," to now, a time when the DJ is God and takes center stage. The documentary gives an insight into the journey of EDM and all its tributary vices, including drugs and party culture, from festival stages to Balearic beaches. Check out the trailer below and keep up to date with it's release on the film's Facebook page here.