Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Rich Kids of Egypt Hits Instagram!

Make way for the rich kids of Egypt! Or not. A new account by that name has just landed on Instagram, dedicated to displaying wealth across the country...

Staff Writer

Rich Kids of Egypt Hits Instagram!

We were beyond thrilled to find out about Rich Kids of Egypt on Instagram! Or were we? Who cares! This newly-created account dedicated to exposing (although it seems more like proudly displaying) Egypt’s richest kids and their miscellaneous (or rather standard) kaa-ching lifestyles had to grab our attention. Rich Kids of Egypt (@rkofegypt) hosts all kinds of wealthy; from fashionistas to some random topless dude’s demonstration of pricey alcohol leaving you baffled and unsure of what was more expensive to purchase; the bottle in his hand or the Calvin Klein underwear in his jeans. Never mind who they are or what they actually do in life, well, other than proper partying or whatever fashion-related endeavors they partake in; all that matters here is luxury, designer-wear and frivolous spending as it seems this account selects photos of those they have deemed "rich" and are now posting them in what appears to be an effort to create a community of people who would love to put their fancypants lifestyles on display.

No idea who the vain masterminds behind the Rich Kids of Egypt account are - probably some rich kids. Also clueless as to what on earth they’ve created it for, or whether the subjects of their photos had their pictures featured intentionally or unintentionally. Regardless though, come one, come all; elite of society, fashionistas, Paris Hilton wannabes, socialites and Richie Rich descents; if you think you got what it takes and feel like contributing to yet another up and coming promotional hub for narcissistic self-indulgence then make sure to send a photo of yourself flexing your muscles in a Jacuzzi with a couple of female entertainers like a genuine brince, or enjoying some quality time at the beach in your new Louboutin heels or drinking whiskey from a diamond-encrusted babyrona to @rkofegypt. And simply check out their Instagram account, it won’t disappoint - unless you’re a smelly hippy or a hardworking, practical individual or something.