Thursday June 13th, 2024
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12 Spots In Cairo To Find Awesome Holiday Treats

We can feel the sugar in the air as countless bakeries and patisseries around the city start to churn out tons of holiday confections.

Staff Writer

12 Spots In Cairo To Find Awesome Holiday Treats

Deck the halls with tons of sugar! Moulid and Christmas are only a couple of days apart this year, so good luck trying to get through the season with your waistline intact. All the sweets and treats that both holidays offer are tempting to even the strongest-willed dieters. Those that have already given in to a winter season full of delicious cakes and cookies, though, will need this list to get the most out of Cairo's holiday offerings. 

Batter Half & Co.

The fondant architects at Batter Half & Co. in Zamalek are masters of making phenomenally festive structures, from gingerbread mansions to the most ridiculously delicious rendition of Big Ben you'll ever feast your eyes on.  

Devour Cupcakes

If you’re looking for the most freaking adorable little cupcakes in Cairo you have to check out Devour Cupcakes in Mohandeseen. We've never felt bad about devouring cupcakes before (well, besides the guilt associated with our expanding waistlines), but these cute polar bears and penguins almost make us regret biting their heads off... almost. 

Dina Cantina

Traditional sugar cookies are one of our favourite holiday treats because they can be eaten in obnoxiously epic amounts while still leaving room for more sugar. Dina Cantina cranks these things out by the bajillions. They also have a gingerbread house kit that lets you get in on all the fun without having to worry about having to find a reliable gingerbread contractor.


A great place to get either Christmas cupcakes or Moulid sweets boxes, or both. Like we need an excuse to cram sugar in our faces...

Four Fat Ladies

Keeping traditions alive, this quartet of women have all the fruitcakes, brownies, and cookies you could possibly need for the holidays. 

L'Éclair Paris

L'Éclair Paris is one of our favourite guilty pleasures. Dressing éclairs up in festive ways is the perfect excuse to order a bunch of them and pig out with friends and family. 


Nino's is the place to beat for cupcakes, cookies, and full-size cakes that are totes adorbs. Little snowmen and cakes that look like a stack of gift boxes are sure to give even the biggest Scrooges a sugary infusion of holiday cheer. 

Nola Cupcakes

Nola does cupcakes like no one else. The holidays bring out all sorts of festive mini-cakes and, this year, you can be even more fashionable with the customisable Nola mannequin.


Paul is the fanciest place you could possibly get your treats from, with decadent log cakes and macaroons that look almost as good as they taste - especially with dramatic lighting. 

Salé Sucré Pâtisserie

Bring a bit of the French festive spirit to Cairo. We've never been to Paris for the holidays but if they eat treats like the stuff Salé Sucré Pâtisserie has, count us in for next year.


Since Moulid and Christmas happen to overlap just a bit this year, there is no excuse for anyone's blood sugar to drop below 150% of what it should be for the rest of the year. Tortina is making this so easy, too, serving up gingerbread and sugar cookies along with all the Moulid sweets. 

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla rules, chocolate drools! While the folks at Vanilla Beans may not be so totalitarian in their view of desserts, we won't fault them since they create some of the most delicious Christmas sweets in Cairo.