Monday February 26th, 2024
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9 Unexpected Reasons You Could Get Detained in Egypt

Some of the strangest things will land you in jail...

Staff Writer

In every country certain rules are implemented, and while no country is like its neighbours, Egypt is especially exceptional when it comes to its laws and there are some very strange things that can get you arrested here. Here are nine unexpected acts that will get you detained in Egypt. You're all probably familiar with these tales but just in case you're not, each headline will lead you to the full story with all the glorious details of what happened and how and why the people involved got into hot water...

Drawing Doodles

Just recently Islam Gawish was arrested for publishing a satirical doodle of President Sisi. Moral of the story: it's best to doodle flowers and rainbows, not presidents.

Condom Balloons

Two Egyptian TV personalities were rumoured to be detained for handing out inflated contraceptives to police officers on duty as if they were presents from the Egyptian people. Not the greatest idea.

Mickey Mouse Ears

Drawing Mickey Mouse ears won’t land you in jail - Photoshopping some over your president's picture will though. 

Talking About The Revolution in English

An American (they are known to speak English) was arrested for speaking while sitting at a cafe. We later found out that he was talking about the revolution, something all foreigners are not allowed to do, sorry.

Wearing a T-Shirt

Wearing a t-shirt should never get you arrested; here in Egypt however you can go to jail for just about any t-shirt. People wearing anything from “ikhwan” t-shirts to “no torture” t-shirts have been arrested and sentenced to jail. We are since scared to wear our 90s No Fear t-shirts in public.

Making a Music Video That is NOT Political

Music videos should be fun. Now, while some are political and could land their makers into jail, the fun ones are just that: fun. Except in Egypt. The model from Seeb Eedy was detained under accusations of spreading immorality.

Being in Your Natural Habitat

We don’t mean your bedrooms; we are talking about the crocodile that was arrested while happily swimming down the River Nile, his natural habitat. Oh, and sometime before that, in southern Egypt, a duck was arrested and detained on accusations of being an Israeli spy.

Calling Your Donkey Sisi

In Egypt, mules are often referred to as a sisis. Not anymore! After the incident where a farmer from Southern Egypt was imprisoned for calling his donkey Sisi, we bet all mule owners will be calling their animals mimis from here on out.

Speaking English

After the revolution, the government launched an ad asking citizens to hand in any foreign spies they can catch in the streets, spy signs to look for? If he\she speaks a foreign language!