Saturday April 13th, 2024
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7 Places to Party in Sahel This Summer

Seaside shenanigans await.

Staff Writer

7 Places to Party in Sahel This Summer

Sahel’s party scene can get more intense than the ninth episode in Game of Thrones; from all-day sun-soaked shebangs on the beach, to parties that kick off at the witching hour and just keep going until the suns peeks out over the horizon, if you want, Sahel can be one non-stop party. Here are some of the seaside spots you can head to to unleash the party animal that's been in hibernation mode for a month...

6ix Degrees

Do they really need an introduction? We think not. Last year, this nightspot dominated in the nocturnal antics field as every party animal across the coast looking to show off their newly acquired tan and their formet el Sahel bod descended upon 6ix Degrees for a serious bout of escapism. Last year saw everyone from Ragheb Alama to Kelly Rowland grace the club's stage and this year you'll be seeing the likes of DJ Elie Abi, Maya, Mostafa Hagag, and the sultry stylings of Egypt's favourite purple-haired belly-dancing goddess Amie Sultan.

For reservations call 01224566666


We spent a good portion of our summer last year at Tabla Sahel. Mahmoud El Leithy is just a small glimpse at some of the entertainment you missed out on if you didn't hit up the club last summer, but it's okay - this year will have all of last year's nocturnal mayhem and then some. The nightspot, which just underwent a massive revamp by Alchemy Design Studio, has a slew of crazy nights planned; Thursdays will be their signature night; Fridays are set to be a musical throwback,and Saturdays they'll be bringing back their signature Heshek Beshek nights.

For reservations call 01220555550


The Tap North

Located in Marassi and featuring live, nightly entertainment from the likes of DJ Tito, Screwdriver, and American rap group Binary Star, The Tap North has you chillin' poolside or playing volleyball in the morning and then partying the night away with all local bands and creative brews. And enough beer to quench an army.

For reservations call 01060000867


Hot off the heels of an extensive 'refresh', this brand new bar at Amwaj is on the largest stretch of beach in Sahel and has been wooing people who want the best of both worlds: a pool and the beach, along with food from supreme eatery MazaGouna. Come nighttime, you've got parties galore every weekend with names like Ramy Djunkie and Disco Misr, just to give you a little glimpse. 

For reservations call 01003507744

Aura Arena

Opening up on the 8th, this is the place where you grab a drink under the stars – or dance under the stars - to the beats of Sephan Bodzin, DJ Hassan Abou Alam, DJ Mike, and even Sweden's Jeremy Orlander - and that's just the opening night. 

For reservations call 01008317676 or 01152332866


Filling in Void’s place as the after-hours go-to this year, Exit is about to make its debut this summer, and you don’t want to miss it. Deep House DJ duo Misty and Hafez, Third Son, Baher, Fayek, Ouzo, Sebzz, Karim Ossama, and Abou Zaid will all be featured this summer. So once you're done partying, you can just head over to Exit and... well... keep partying.

For reservations call 01206202927

White Coast

This new hotspot is the mini Santorini located right here in Sahel. Thursday nights are all about that disco themed funk music and old school house, Friday is hip-hop so you can release you inner Drake, and Saturday you can enjoy oldies night.

Main image of 6ix Degrees.