Friday 9 of December, 2022
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7 of The Best Spots in Cairo to Watch The UEFA Euro 2016

We can't all go to Europe to watch these epic matches, but we can got to some of the most epic spots in the city to enjoy the same experience.

Staff Writer

Egyptians love football. The only thing we love more than football is fattah and the experience of watching a football match with friends. Well, the UEFA Euro 2016 is officially here, and it is unfortunate that we can’t really go watch them all live in stadiums (*heavy sigh*) but who says you need to watch a great match live to enjoy it? It's really all about comfort, relaxation, friends, food, the overall vibe, and most importantly, the Arab commentator yelling "Aywa ba2aaaa da Ronaldo mesaytar 3al akher fel match da!" Here are 8 of the best places in the city to go enjoy the UEFA Euro experience as if you were there.


Backfire - Cairo’s first motorcycle themed restaurant, cafe, and hub of all things biker culture - is teaming up with Mirage Mall Stadium to screen both the pre-iftar and post-iftar football games. Kick back, relax and enjoy Backfire’s signature shisha and home-style dishes in their special lounges with up to seven of your friends. You can leave the girlfriends who will keep asking what an offside rule is at home. Oh, and did we mention theres going to be A/C? In a sea of outdoor kheimas, air conditioning is truly a blessing in this scorching heatwave we’ve been living through. Side note: they have burgers stuffed with pasta and we just thought we'd share that with you since we can't imagine anything better on this earth than our two favourite dishes making a food baby.

Address: E22 Mirage Mall (Cairo-Suez Road), New Cairo  
Phone number: 01018813303

Cairo Marriott Hotel

At one of Zamalek’s most luxurious chill-out spots, the marvelous courtyard of Som3a Basha is designed distinctly so you can watch the UEFA Euro Cup with friends and enjoy a comfortable fun time while eating more zalabya than strictly necessary from their fresh cart.

Address: 16 Gezirah Street, Zamalek
Phone number: 11211


The open air, wide space, and an abundance of bean bags make this the perfect setting for comfortably watching the UEFA matches on the multiple big screens that ensure there are no bad seats anywhere in the place.

Address: The Corner Mall, in front of Rehab City, Fifth Settlement
Phone number: 01111047010  

Uptown Cairo Club House

Surely the place that hosted Puyol and the Champion’s League final is one of the absolute best options to enjoy and watch the UEFA. Plus, you're basically on top of a mountain so you're already a winner at life, even if your team loses. The fresh open air and gigantic viewing screen make this one of the most unique spots in the city to catch the game.

Address: Uptown Cairo, Mokkatam
Phone number: 01283557000 


For all you Maadi people out there, we know that Kazouza is already on the top of your list because its homely atmosphere, gigantically portioned and delicious traditional meals, and comfortable seating make it perfect for the UEFA Euro. Their epic sogo2 is just the cherry on top.

Address: 14, Road 9, Maadi
Phone number: 01093366664 / 01093366667 


The Tap East

This place was practically designed for the UEFA matches to be screened. Indoors they've got a screen about every six centimetres if you're okay with watching the matches in normal resolution and outside they've set up one giant one if you're really particular about viewing the UEFA in supersized dimensions. Plus there are foosball tables so during the intermissions you can entertain yourself on a miniature version of the game.

Address: Stella compound, New Cairo.
Phone number: 01060000869 

Cairo Festival City

CFC have an enormous screen in the middle of what almost seems like a coliseum that is perfect for watching the UEFA matches. Another benefit is you can definitely ensure no talking during the match from your wife/girlfriend because you can hand over your credit card for them to go shop in the giant mall while you watch the match the way god intended - without pointless jibber jabber about shoes and Nelly Karim. 

Address: New Cairo, off the Daery
Phone number: 16761