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Egyptian App Lets You Donate Clothes That No Longer Fit After You Lose Weight

With all the transformation challenges happening, and people shedding inches as we speak, we suspect a lot of clothes will be left behind...

There are three moments of victory when you start hitting the gym and shredding off all the excess you weren't happy with: one, you look unbeatably bangin'; two, you have controlled your desire to eat a whole chocolate cake by yourself; three, your clothes are loose! It's a moment nothing short of triumph, joy, and genuine success. Since you probably want to maintain that healthy lifestyle, we suggest you to give back to the community and donate the clothes you're no longer in need of.

The brilliant, Egyptian-customised fitness mobile app 3ash is teaming up with charity NGO Waslet Khair to take advantage of all the transformational challenges taking place across the city right now. Gyms like BeFit – who are notorious for their challenges, happening for the 9th time this year – are joining in, alongside Ignite, Hit, and AOS by setting up donation boxes at their facilities for all the athletes undergoing the challenge.

The facilities will be setting up their boxes starting today, the 25th of November, until the 25th of December. Within that time frame, don't forget to show off your before and after photos if you've joined the challenge using the hashtag #GoneForGood – and of course mention @3ashOfficial and Waslet Khair. The more likes you have, the merrier. What will you win, beside a new sizzlin' bod? A free month membership at one of the facilities; we're assuming it's all part of their strategic master plan to keep you from that size you used to be now that you're leading a happier and healthier lifestyle for yourself. 

Of course, you can donate clothes even if you haven't gone through the challenge (maybe next year?). 

Locations: BeFit @ Katameya Heights, Katameya Hills, Palm Hills, and 7SC Maadi; Ignite Lake View and Heliopolis; HIT Rooftop of Eight Fitness Club and Heliopolis Sporting Club; AOS @ El Gezira Compound; My Fitness Egypt @ Gezira Sporting Club.

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