Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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15 Most Popular Listicles On CairoScene In 2015

From humorous signs that underscore dysfunctional traffic in Cairo, to the most exclusive memberships in town, to burgers and beards, these are the 15 most read lists in 2015.

Staff Writer

Because we are CairoScene, it seems it is ingrained within the very core of our souls to listify everything - but it seems our readers thoroughly enjoy this listification, thereby rendering you all enablers so you can keep expecting lists from us for the next ten years or so. From the priciest places to get an education, to inspirational Egyptian ladybosses, to imaginary (hopefully not for long though) street signs our nation desperately needs, here are the 15 most popular listicles on CairoScene this year, according to our readers.

1. 8 Most expensive Schools

Wondering how much it costs to get a good education? Take a look at this list.

2. 15 Egyptians Who Made it to Hollywood

It is everyone's dream at some point in life. Some don't make it, others do. Check out the 15 Egyptians who made it to Hollywood.

3. 7 Most Expensive Sporting Club Memberships in Egypt

How much do you actually have to pay for the privilege of a membership at one of these renowned sporting clubs around the country?

4. 6 Hotels You Didn't Know Existed in Sahel

Planning a weekend on the North Coast can be a stressful affair if you don't know someone who knows someone who's renting out their property. We've got those looking to avoid drama covered...

5. 16 Street Signs Egypt Desperately Needs

We mean, where else in the world do you suddenly go flying after hitting a geometrically incorrect speed bump or have to navigate around sheep in the street?

6. 10 Things You Missed in Egypt Because of the Sandstorm

We can barely see a few metres in front of us in this dusty weather, which is unfortunate because some crazy stuff went down yesterday. Check out what you missed here...

7. 11 Crazy Moments from Sahel Opening Week

With back-to-back parties, you're bound to see some crazy stuff! Here are our favourite wildest shots from the past 10 days on the North Coast...

8. 15 of the Most Inspirational Egyptian Women Today

On the occasion of International Women's Day we take a moment to honour Egyptian women who make a difference every day.

9. 11 Epic Lingerie Finds in Downtown Cairo

We headed out in search of some sexy sets. Awesome findings ensue. You men are in for a treat. A real treat.

10. 6 Best All You Can Eats In Cairo

Resident foodie Kurt Galalah brings you a definitive guide of Cairo eateries that will keep feeding you til you can't be fed no more...

11. 13 Awesome Places to Eat in Sahel This Summer

Whether you're after something fast and filling between parties, a decadent meal on the sea front or some good, old fashion Egyptian treasures, there's no shortage of dining destinations on the North Coast.

12. 11 Egyptian Female Entrepreneurs That Break the Mould

It might be a mans world, but where we would we be without a woman's touch? Valentina Primo uncovers the achievements of 11 Egyptian women who have left no stereotype unshattered...

13. 11 Rookie Mistakes Foreigners Make in Egypt

A majority of foreigners who come to Egypt are tourists lured by the excitement of visiting an ancient magical land. However, what they find when they arrive is not necessarily what they expected...

14. 10 Biggest Fails In Egyptian Translations

Language barriers are a toughie...

15. 14 Best Egyptian Beards

With facial hair back with a vengeance, we scour Egypt for the best beards...